Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The search for a stylish helmet...

‘Hats should be worn with confidence and nonchalance’
Stephen Jones, Milliner.

Apparently the same does not apply to cycling helmets, that it seems should be worn with reluctance, embarrassment and shame. The only reason I sport one of these monstrous inventions, is that when cycling on busy roads, despite feeling like a fool, I feel safer with it on.
…And so begins my search for a stylish helmet. I have identified 2 helmets currently on the market that are at least making an effort but both are BMX/Skate styles and not particularly ladylike, The Bell Faction and the The Giro Makai

I was very excited at seeing a rather fabulous, ladies helmet at the Prêt a Rouler cycling fashion show in East London earlier this year (pictured above) and am currently on a mission to find out if, when and where this will be on sale…watch this space!

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