Friday, 9 May 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Bern Helmets and Hard Hats

Bern Muse
Product information
Price: 39.99 (42.99 with graphics*)
Colours : Matte Purple, Matte grey, white with polka dot graphic*, White with oak leaf graphic, Gloss White and Gloss Cranberry
Sizes: S: 53.5 - 55.5cm M: 55.5 - 57cm L: 57 - 59cm
Two versions available:
Hard Hat
• Soft breathable Brock foam circulates air and sucks moisture
• Multiple impact
• High impact ABS shell
• High Impact
• Hard foam
• Industry standard

Cyclechic's verdict
It was a happy day when came across the wonderful Bern Helmets, after years of frustration and embarressment at having to wear an utterly style-less tradtional cycling helmet. The Bern Muse is feminine, comfortable and most importantly flattering. They are an all year round helmet as they keep you dry in the rain and the brock foam ensures you don't get a sweaty head in the sunshine. You can either go for a Hard Hat or the Industry standard EPS Helmet.

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Bern Watt A Unisex helmet, perfect for the summer with air vents at the top and back.
Product information
Price: £39.99
Colours: Gloss black, Gloss red, Matte black
Sizes: S,M,L,XL
Available in Hard Hat and EPS Helmet (details as above)

Cyclechic's verdict
Cool in every sense of the word...

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Julie said...
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Caz said...

Hi Julie
There are two versions of the helmet. The EPS version DOES meet all industry standards as a helmet. The Hard Hat is an alternative to a helmet, It does not meet all industry standards but gives you protection as well as comfort.
If you would like any more information on the difference do get in touch

Julie said...

Whoops, thanks for the clarification, caz. I have deleted my comment so my mistake won't cause confusion.

I am new to cycling (just took a community workshop, Bike Commuting 101, this weekend), and London Cycle Chic is a source of inspiration for me. Thanks!

corrigan said...

I have this in matte pink! I love it. I get more compliments on my helmet than I do on my bike. (And I have a pretty bike!)

Jules Evans said...

Wow, the Cycle Chic shop is fab! A great idea. I LOVE my matte purple bern muse helmet, and like Corrigan I get heaps of comments on it from all kinds of people. I can't do a journey without someone asking where I got it from!

Hope the shop goes well. I have my eye on those lights...

Caz said...

The Bern Muse is head turner for sure, I am in love with my Cranberry Gloss one. Glad you like the shop Jules, the Frog lights are fabulous aren't they!

Han said...

Hey Caz :)

Shop's looking good!

Is there any chance you'd be able to get hold of the Bern Muse with the 'white m oak room' design (it's kinda white with pinky leaf print at the bottom - much like the white dotty)? Otherwise I'll be in touch soon about getting a white dotty one from you...


adrienne said...

When will the vintage riding hats be available to order in the US?!?

Caz said...

Hi Adrienne
Are you talking about the Bern Helmets? They are actually an American brand so you should be able to pick one up the the US.

mariearonsson said...

Do you have any Bern Muse helmets i gloss cranberry (size medium) in stock?

Karen Spray said...

I found this table of Bern helmet sizes on another website and I thought it might be useful here. Measurements are in cm!

XS=52 S=53.5 M=55.5 L=57 XL=59.5

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Caz,

Is there any difference in the appearance of the hard hat and EPS Bern Muse helmets? Which is more comfortable?
I would like a cranberry one in Medium...



Josette said...

Hi Caz,
Came to your studio today and it was heaven.Bought two helmets in different colours as I couldn't decide between them.Plus,came away with other stuff that I didn't even know I wanted until I saw them!Pannier,bell,lights.Fabulous.I love cyclechic.Well done Caz and good luck.I'm sure it will take off bigtime.

Josette said...

Hi Caz,
Beautiful day.We were out on our bikes.Loved wearing my glossy red helmet.Started the day in the matt purple,changed in the afternoon to the got hotter and that's more ventilated!But,sorry to say,I am very very disappointed with the matt purple.Here's the reason.The tiniest little bump and the purple colour comes off,leaving a hideous white mark.The buckle on my watch strap bumped against it.Result?White 'chip' mark.Was in my basket,colour chipped off.On ground,white chip etc etc etc.Horrible.

katydolly said...

Hi - do all the Bern helmets come with the thick layer of foam on the inside? I've just oredered the Watts and it looks HUGE on my head! Or is it just me....??!!

Caz said...

Thanks for your feedback. The Matte finish does tend to be a bit more fragile than the gloss. As the Bern helmets are a relatively new product it has been a case of trying all the colours to see which work best. I decided for my next order to just go for Gloss Muses. I will have the Watts in Matte black however as they don't seem to scratch so easily.

Caz said...

Hi Kate
The Hard hats come with the thick layer of foam but should fit lower down on your head than a usual helmet so shouldn't look to big. Sometimes they just take a bit of getting used to. Does it fit you properly?

Lelu said...

I'm thinking of buying one of these hats, but want to know how well ventilated they are? They don't look like they have many air holes from the pictures. I want a pretty hat but not sweaty hat-hair!

katydolly said...

Lelu, the Bern Watts has small air vents on the top. I haven't had mine that long (so have only been using it in winter) but no sweaty hair to report so far! And even if it does get a bit warm, they look cool enough that you can probably pull it off!

Jen said...

The Muse is adorable and I planning to buy one. My head measures exactly 57 cm, which is between the medium and large sizes. Does anyone have a suggestion on which size to order?