Thursday, 12 June 2008

Man Bags

This is my first foray into Cycle Chic Chap territory, inspired by the many stylish young men I see cycling through town with leather bags casually slung over their shoulders. I have picked out some of my favourite cycle friendly man bags and would appreciate comments and suggestions from all you boys on bicycles out there.

The beautifully classic bag pictured above is Brooks Barbican bag. It's not cheap at £200 but it's the sort of bag that will last a lifetime.

Crumpler also do a nice line in Messenger bags... which apparently are the perfect size for carrying beer.

Aussie company Knog do some quite interesting bags that can transform from ruck sack to pannier to shoulder bag.

But if you want to go for a more casual bag with some retro style have a look at some of these beauties. All featured on fabulous site Retro to go


Alex Murray said...

No mention of the Rapha musette: which is a beautiful little bag?

I'm also a fan of the classic custom made stuff from Bagaboo:

Caz said...

Rapha...of course how could I forget! and the Bagaboo bags look fantastic too. Thanks so much for the tips will include both in Man bags 2

joellybaby said...

I was going to recommend Bagaboo too - I ordered a custom one for my husband's birthday to match his bike. He is made up. The service was really good and the bags are fantastic.