Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Loving your work boys...

OUTLIER is a company after our own heart, firmly understanding the basic human right to cycle and look good doing it. They design classic clobber for the stylish cycling chaps of NYC.

OUTLIER is about classically tailored garments made with the best
technical fabrics around. Clothing that works from both bike to boardroom.

Outlier's strives to create future classics, clothing that
works as well a century down the road as it will tomorrow.

Aimed at the urban dweller that has a slightly different world view than
the rest. They ride their bicycles to work because of the way it makes
them feel, refreshed yet exhilarated. They ride to work because it is the
best way to navigate the city, with complete freedom. This audience is
well-educated, opinionated and have a keen sense of style that others
often look to.

Two years ago, Abe and Tyler began to search for a solution to a basic
problem; how to ride their bikes to work and show up looking crisp, fresh
and clean. The stresses of cycling wore out their jeans. On days when they
needed to dress up for clients, they either suffered the train or
performed awkward superman maneuvers in bathrooms to change. Rain of
course was a persistent problem too.

Not knowing each other at the time, they both independently started to
tackle the same issues, convinced there was a better way. It wasn't until
an insightful barista at their local coffee shop, Gimme Coffee, put two
and two together and connected the pair. It was at that point Outlier was
born. Tailored performance clothing for cycling in the city.

We love their climber pants and Navy waxed cotton cap.. and the rather lovely fellas wearing them.

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