Friday, 24 July 2009

Bike Couture

The Love affair between Cycling and high Fashion continues. Fabulous Pictures from US Vogue and Australian Vogue proving that the bicycle can be the ultimate fashion accessory. And our very own Queen of fashion, Vivienne Westwood arriving at the premiere of 'The age of stupid' by bicycle.

Lovely pics from fellow Cycle Chic blog Riding Pretty


Chessie said...

All three of those photos were published one time or another via RidingPretty. They look good blogged here again too.

Caz said...

Sorry, forgetting my blogger etiquette, thank you Riding Pretty.. You know we love you!

Anne said...

Is this the Pashley provence? Is this one a little lighter than the pretty Poppy, maybe not so hard to lug around at railway stations?? I'd appreciate anyone's comments. It's very cute too.

Beth said...

I love that Vogue spread! I used it to make collage postcards a few months ago.

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love the top image.
Vivienne is just awesome, and looks very chic there.

Florrie x