Thursday, 19 August 2010

3 Brilliant Bicycle Baskets

Bicycles and baskets belong together. Not only do they look charming but they are super practical for carrying your bits and bobs around as you cycle. Here's 3 of my faves for different bikes and budgets..
Brompton Basket, specifically designed to fit onto Brompton handlebars, designed by TwonFro and made from recycled boat sails. These wonderfully unique baskets are currently in our summer sales, reduced from £50 to £42.50 (above)

Bargain Basket: Classic Wicker £19.99

Brooks Hoxton Basket.. something a a bit special, made from recycled materials, elegant sophisticated and unisex £89.99


Born & Bred Studio said...

you can't beat the classic wicker!

Nathalia Ferreira said...

Loved the second one.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you consider the Broxton a 'unisex' basket. For more on the gender-ification of baskets go here:

Miss Bentley said...
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Miss Bentley said...

Love the Brooks basket - spectacular.