Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cyclechic's tips for Shopping & Cycling

  • Park your bike in one place and walk from shop to shop: If you are visiting a few different shops don't be tempted to take your bike from shop to shop, park it somewhere in the middle so you only have to lock and unlock once.
  • Panniers, Panniers, Panniers: Using panniers will make your life so much easier, balancing Sainsbury's bags off your handlebars is neither safe nor a good look! Our Kitsch Kitchen pannier shoppers are ideal and are on sale this summer, now only £29.59! They hook on and off the bike in seconds so you can take them into the supermarket and load your groceries up straight from the till.
  • Mount Lock to Frame: Finding space for your lock when you are loaded up with shopping can be a problem. So invest in a D Lock that comes with a Frame mount.
  • Try a Waitrose Trailer: Selected Waitrose branches offer cycle specific trailers that you can attach to your bike to get your shopping back more easily.
  • Order heavy stuff online: For those heavy or cumbersome items; cans, olive oil, kitchen roll, do an online shop to lighten the load.


Southern Biking Belle said...

These are great tips: and I love that picture. Such great designs!

Jillian said...

these are lovely designs. if i had a touring bike, id definitely purchase some nice panniers :)

Zoe said...

Great Tips! I love the panniers, they're beautiful, I'll have to invest in some myself!x

Caz said...

Great, so glad you like the tips and the panniers x

Jemma said...

Great post! I'm going to buy one of those vintage box bags for my because you can lock them too.

ruthie said...

I love your blog and Im interested in one of the Sawako Furuno helmet! Im a bonifide pashley fan! I have just purchased the pashley sonnet bliss and it is such a joy to ride. When will you be coming to spitalfields market again this year? Another question I had, was where can I buy the sawako furuno helmets?

Great blog!! Keep it up!!

Caz said...

Hi Ruthie - A Sawako Furuno helmet will be the perfect match for your Sonnet Bliss. We don't have another Spitalfields date booked but you can buy them online
Or you can book an appointment at our Shoreditch office and come and try some on.
Caz :)