Monday, 15 April 2013

New Berns helmets... and pants to match

New Bern Lenox - Watermelon £49.99

It's that time of year when we get the New Bern helmets in and we have some lovely colours to go alongside the old favourites. Not that I have ever been one to wear black but this season, more than ever, my spring wardrobe is full of BRIGHT COLOURS.

Selection at Gap

In previous years it's usually my top half that's bright and bold but this spring I am loving the fact that you can get, jeans, in all the colours of the rainbow and more. Uniqlo and Gap have a great selection and I am already the proud owner of purple pair and a a pair in sky blue and am having lots of fun matching them with my bike, helmet and overall cycling look.

Bern Bandita (petite) £39.99

Selection from Uniqlo
Skinny jeans, jeggings or legging jeans are great for cycling in as they taper at the ankle so wont get in the way of the chain. The stretch makes them great for ease of movement too - so they move with you as you cycle instead of restricting you.
Top Tip: When trying on jeans or trousers do the invisible bicycle dance in the cubicle to ensure you have enough space or ease of movement in knee, gusset and waist.

So if you are buying a Bern Helmet this spring, why not get yourself a pair of slacks to match, . Either go for bold colour blocking or a more subtle touch by matching colours in the logo.
Selection from Uniqulo

Extra credit to Uniqulo for cute bike pic on their homepage... she just needs a helmet now to match...

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