Thursday, 1 August 2013

Brompton Style Stalk

This weekend saw the 2013 Brompton World Championship take place at Goodwood's historic motor circuit. To mark the occasion we took to the streets and stalked out some stylist Brompton riders:

This one is for all the fashionistas out there. Designer backpack, vintage style bowler hat helmet, chunky knit scarf, knee length socks and statement coat. This look is very Parisian chic. Girl at Shepherd’s Bush roundabout, we are loving your work.
We like to think that this guy was about to leave home wearing a black t-shirt then panicked that he might get mistaken for a Goth So he changed into this pink t-shirt to inject a flash of colour to his otherwise monochrome look.
We are BIG fans of matching our shoes and bags to our bikes. Lady stuck in traffic behind a bus, we salute you.
Cleats? Check. ‘Bring me my Fix’ messenger bag? Check.  Hi-vis trouser clips? Check. Who says you can’t seriously kit yourself out on a Brompton? Not this guy, that’s for sure. 

If you want to see more from the Brompton bunch here is a video from their eventful weekend :

Jude Brosnan

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Dave H said...

Oh isn't it always that you recognise your fellow cyclists by the view of their rear elevation whetehr it be them overtaking you or the other way round. Or perhaps you speeds are closely matched and you have the soothing or jarring motion of bike and rider. The rolling motion of ample buttocks on a saddle is almost hypnotic, but there is equally poetry in a pert posterior or powerful thighs smoothly swelling and contracting as the quadriceps power the pedals, Is there a close hugging ankle motion. or are the legs dancing about like a gangly marionette. But it might also be the bike, with that annoying kink in the tyre or rim that once you've locked on to it becomes the visual equivalent of an earworm.

Cycle chic - an appreciation of beautiful (and not so beautiful) bums?