Friday, 4 April 2008

Tip 12: Locks and Locking

A lock is one of the of the first bike accessories you will need to buy, not the most exiting by any means but very neccessary

A few tips on locks and locking

• 'D' locks are said to be the most secure but they can be quite heavy and cumbersome so make sure you get one with a bracket so it can be attached to your frame when you are cycling like the Abus Sinero. Or a smaller one like the Kriptonite Mini
To check the security of a lock before buying go not for profit website sold secure.

• Try and lock your bike to specific bike parking stands where possble but it is sometime neccessary to improvise with Lamposts and railings etc. This is fine but always try and lock your frame and at least one wheel to the stand or post.

• Although you are fully entitled to stay out all night dont leave your poor little bike out on the streets to fend for itself. Always try and get your bike home or to secure parking overnight. Very few bicycles are stolen from outside houses but if left on the street the risk of theft is much higher.

• If your place of work doesn't supply any secure bike parking suggest the ‘Take a Stand’ scheme where your employer can apply for cycle parking for up to 40 bicycles. Contact TfL on 020 722 1234 or the LCC office on 020 7234 9310 for more information. To gently put the pressure on take your bicycle in the office with you until the parking is provided.

• When parking your bike on the street go for busy areas as oppose to quieter roads or alley ways, it will be less easy for thieves to steal your bike if there's lot's of people around.

• The more money you spend on your bike the more you should spend on your lock

• Park your bike next to a more expensive one... a bit cheeky I know!

For more advice on security and insurance go to the LCC website

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