Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Schmoozing in San Francisco

I had the pleasure meeting up with the lovely Shelly Shroeder of Riding pretty yesterday. She showed me around her favourite city haunts and took me for lunch in cycle-friendly area of Valencia. We chatted about the similarities and differences of our cycling cultures the rise of the Cycle Chic movement. I am a huge fan of Shelly's blog and regularly consult in for my fix of stateside Cycle Chic.
We also met, Meryl, along the way who had decided after a lunchtime glass of wine that her pink cycling helmet was the ultimate accessory both on and off the bike. We whole-heartedly agreed!


Hoosier Mama said...

Do you know where I can buy the Bern helmet in the color cranberry in the US??

Mark said...

Some people have all the fun!
Hope you took shed loads of pics to share with us, and had a great trip.

That pink helmet is pretty outrageous, I love it just for it's audacity.

Caz said...

Hi Hoosier Mama! You can buy the Cranberry Muse from us and we can ship to the US. I don't think there are any stockists of the cranberry in the US though I'm afraid. Email us at and we can take an order from you

Tony said...

Good stuff from SF! The bike community here in Phoenix appears to be growing - I think in large part to our new light rail system. More people are using their bikes in connection with the system to get out and explore the city.