Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bikes we wanted for Christmas No.1 Vintage Melbourne Bike

I am so in love with these bikes its untrue! As a sucker for second hand and a vintage fanatic these bikes are totally up my street. Old bikes restored with taste and style, they come in sublime colours with lovely white saddles and of course the classic wicker basket. Melbourne Vintage bikes have been going since 2005 and sell all their bikes through ebay. Totally loving your work guys and congratulations on being our number 1!


kristi @ lovelyvelo said...

ooooh, love this!

Sydney Vintage Bikes said...

Check out Sydney Vintage Bikes
We were the first to restore ladies bikes in the powdercoat finish!
You will find that Melbourne Vintage Bikes ripped our designs and styles!

Unknown said...

Hi, any idea where I can buy one of these in the London area? Its for my Girlfriend. Any ideas on price? Thanks! Great post!