Friday, 10 December 2010

No. 9: Gold Plated Brompton

Gold Plated Brompton
At £1900 a somewhat decadent choice of wheels but if we have the money we would! And Brompton's famous folding design would sure come in handy as we wouldn't want to leave this baby anywhere! I have to adnit I have often admired Brompton's from afar but have never owned one. Myabe next year I will invest but I think I will settle for Turkish green rather than the Bling-tastic gold! Avilable to buy from Be Golden.


Campfire said...

Wow, you'd have to be dressed up to ride on that one! I've got a pretty blue one myself.

Caz said...

Oh lovely - is it pale or dark blue?

ian_rm27 said...

Now if Moulton do a gold plated fold up,I'm a starter!