Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Uni Cycle

It's that time of year again when thousands of school leavers, pack their bedrooms into the back of their parents cars and head off to a random city for 3 years studying and partying.
But what the best way to get round once your parents have driven away? Cycling of course, it's a no brainer... Not only is it free but you will soon become the interesting, quirky one amongst your peers for turning up to lectures like a young Iris Murdoch...

A prime example is the wonderful Lilly Cole who does interesting and quirky exceptionally well. Throughout her 3 years at Cambridge she was often spotted cycling from lecture to lecture by bike. From her attire it's clear that she was a year round cyclist too... go Lily

Three rules for cycling at Uni:
1. A wicker basket is essential.
2. Don't cycle when you're wasted. Leave the bike at home on pound a pint night.
3.Get a second hand bike locally. Instead of trying to cram a nice shiny new bike in your parents boot, Look around when you get to uni and grab a local bargain.

Our wicker basket recommendations to perfect the Lily Cole/Uni Chic look:

On a budget try our Classic Wicker only £19.99

Or our new Picnic basket £49.99 with hamper style lid, ideal for keeping your books and sandwiches dry!


Anonymous said...

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Caz said...

Great glad you like it!

Chris said...

When I was at uni, I got a folding bike - it was really nice because I could keep it in my dorm room without taking up too much space.