Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My book!

Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, this post is to officially announce that my book, The Girls Bicycle Handbook - Everything you need to know about life on two wheels,  is out on 3rd April 2014!

My aim was to make the book as USEFUL and as PRETTY as possible, to give the reader (discerning, stylish women) the best of both worlds when it comes to practical information and style inspiration.

The book both celebrates the benefits of cycling and tackles the barriers that put many women off cycling. I talked to lots of women while researching my book and found it hugely interesting to find out about peoples individual benefits and barriers. So in the run up to the release we are casting the net out even wider and want to find out what YOUR benefits and barriers are? Take a look at The benefits and barriers survey here to get involved.

The Survey is very short and will only take you a minute or two. We want anyone and everyone to get involved, you can be an experienced cyclist who can't go a day without your bike or you might not have been on a bike since you were 12 but are thinking you'd like to give it a go. Whatever your circumstances we would LOVE to get your feedback.

‘I finally concluded that all failure
was from a wobbling will rather
than a wobbling wheel.’
Frances E. Willard, Wheel Within a Wheel:
How I learned to Ride the Bicycle, 1895

More snippets and advice from the book coming soon, watch this space or follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Pin interest.

If you are a blogger, writer or someone who likes to spread the word when it comes to all tings bikes, books or fashion and would like to review the book, pls get in contact to request a press copy. Caz@cyclechic.co.uk.

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