Friday, 7 February 2014

Velove is in the air

In case you’ve been cycling around with your eyes closed, Valentine’s Day is a week today.
Cycle away from the clichés and go on a romantic ride. It’s cheap and you can even boycott all the hearts and go with friends. If you really want to go for it, most bike hire companies provide tandem hire and it’s a well known fact that on an adorable scale of one to kittens, a tandem is a nine. A couple of places you can hire from in London are,

Here are some things to remember when riding in tandem:

  • The person on the front is called the pilot, the stoker is on the back and under no circumstances should either of you start singing “Daisy Daisy” it will never leave your head. EVER. 

  • Work on your stage whisper. You aren’t in a car, people can hear what you say to each other.
  • When people say ‘they aren’t peddling’ about your stoker, always smile and laugh in a patronising way so they realise they are not the first.
  • If you see another tandem hold hands with them and ask if they have any good come backs to the ‘they aren’t peddling’ heckle.

  • Don’t get punctures. A whole ‘it’s your fault’ back and forth will begin.
  • Gear changes can come as a surprise to the stoker. As pilot you must either warn your stoker in advance or revel in the power.
  • The pilot should remember that they are what the stoker will be staring at A LOT. Keep your hair tidy, your helmet shiny (it can act as a mirror) and try to make your back as interesting as possible. One idea is to tape a map to your back so the stoker can navigate/ feel important.

  • You are always going to look adorable on a tandem but match outfits to look EVEN MORE fricken adorable.

Whatever you feel about Valentine's, we think it’s a perfect time to show your bike (and maybe your partner if they deserve it) some good loving. A few gifts ideas...

Wear your heart on your sleeve or anywhere you like. Write the card to your bike.

 Ding ding. This will show your bike how much you heart it. 

...but not as much as I love mine.

Reflect on the times you've shared.

BYOB? Bring your Perfect for that romantic meal for two.

Because we all know what is the light of our lives.

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