Monday, 14 January 2008

Cycling Accessories with a difference

Amy Fleuriot’s Cyclodelic range is the reflective light at the end of a long dark tunnel, of traditional and rather dull, cycling accessories. Amy is one of the designers leading the way in Cycle Chic, with her innovative range of cuffs, belts and bags.
The Cyclodelic cuff (pictured above) cheered me up no end when cycling to work on a rainy Monday morning with the back to work blues! I then graciously accepted several complements from work colleges on my arrival and kept it on till lunchtime. This being the beauty Amy’s designs, they are as good off the bike as they are on.
The cuff, which is made of reflective material, is not only a safety aid but also maximises the range of trousers you can wear, easing any stressful outfit panics first thing in the morning.
Major fashion houses are following suit this year with non other than Chanel featuring cycling cuffs in their spring collection. (picture bottom left). Thus proving that cycling is most definitely pedalling it’s way up the style agenda!
For more information go to the Cyclodelic website or pop down to seriously stylish bike shop Velorution or SHOP 172 on Brick lane to buy yourself a pair.

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