Thursday, 24 January 2008

Perfectly Pashley

Perched elegantly on your Pashley you certainly will turn heads. With model names like Sonnet Bliss and Princess Sovereign the Pashley’s really do have all the classic charm and decadence you could want from a bicycle. And although you may feel like you should be cycling through a grassy meadow in a Merchant Ivory film they are actually very good city bikes.
All the classic bikes come with a spacious front wicker basket for you handbag, shopping, lapdog…. They also have the charmingly named double scoop in their tube rider range, a combination of classic elegance and modern chic (pictured above)
For more details go to the Pashley website There are 38 bike shops in London that stock Pashley’s, take a look at their Dealer list for specific details. Prices range from £435 - £545.

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RVH944 said...

I saw some videos on how Pashley Bicycles are still handmade in Stratford-on-Avon at .