Saturday, 1 May 2010

Profile: Adrienne Johnson of Change your life ride a bike

Having blogged about cycling and women a fair amount, cycling and children is still unknown territory to me. Although my daughter is now one I have not yet got a child seat sorted and taken to the streets on my bike at 2 instead of 1.
However meeting Adrienne Johnson from San Francisco based blog, change your life ride a bike and cycling with her and two of her 4 kids gave me a so called 'kick up the ass!'
She made it look like a doddle and what more made it fun as she guided us through the streets with her son Declan on the back of her Dutch bike and 10 year old Una holding her own behind. I think a lot of people fear cycling with children but Adrienne is an example of someone who has mastered the art and reaps the benefits in her life.

Quick Q and A with Adrienne on her & bicycles and where she gets all the energy from...

Caz: What bike do you ride?
Adrienne: A 2007 Batavus Socorro. It is called "the Bat" and is also known as my "land yacht" unless it has just fallen on me and then it is called all kinds of things you probably do not want to print on your lovely blog.

Why do you cycle?
A: I could probably write a blog about that : ) I ride because it is the only way I have found to get from A to B that makes me feel better about myself.

C: What’s the best thing about cycling in your city?
A: San Francisco is tiny- 49 square miles and only 7 miles wide at its widest point. I see people I know all over the place all the time. Seeing friends and neighbors all over the City makes me feel grounded. That does not happen in my car- the best I can hope for when I drive is that I see a friend's cars pass by.

C:Do you think cycling amongst women is on the increase in USA?
A:I can't speak for the whole country. It is certainly on the rise in the SF Bay Area. I do not really focus on women and cycling vs just people and cycling. I get more excited about kids and people who are perceived as "disabled" being out on bikes for transportation. One thing I can say is "lady's bikes" or "bikes specially designed for women" turn me off. The marketing for them is horrid and it usually means a poor quality bike, at least here in the US. I rode 5000 miles last year, half of the time with a 45 lb child and groceries on it- I need a tank, not a "lady bike".

C: What’s your favourite outfit/style to cycle in?
A:Whatever I have on that day. I admit that my wardrobe has changed a bit since I started riding as my primary means of transportation- not my style so much as how my wardrobe functions. No super tight skirts (too hard to ride comfortably), no cotton sweaters (they get sweaty), no skinny jeans (I hate how tight denim feels when I am active)... To be honest, all of my favorite clothes have that designation because I can nap in them- no buttons, lots of stretch, no wrinkling.... funny that I occasionaly blog about cycle style. Ah well, those who can't do, teach. Can I just live in yoga clothes?


eva said...

what a lovely and inspiring interview. I love her blog so much and love that she is setting such a good example for so many people & families!

Anonymous said...

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Adrienne Johnson said...

It was fun to have you back in SF, Caz! Hope you are able to get back again soon!