Thursday, 6 March 2008

Road Sense Sally - Road Positioning

Worries about safety are the main factor that put woman off cycling, a lot of ladies I know think they are immediately going to get flattened by a bus. Cycling is a bad advert for itself, to onlookers it looks terribly scary but it does not have to be dangerous or risky. One major factor that will considerably improve your safety is the correct road positioning, approx 1 meter from the curb. The 3 main reasons why..

Contrary to popular belief motor vehicles do not want to hit cyclist, it’s only when they don’t see them that accidents happen. If you have the correct road positioning you will be much more visible and will significantly reduce any risks.

Be aware that drivers will give you the same amount of space you give yourself so if you give yourself a meter they will be inclined to give you the same.

A lot of cycling accidents happen by cyclist riding too close to parked cars and getting hit when the door opens, so if you give yourself a car door width when passing them (or if this is tricky slow down) you will vastly improve your safety

Safety advice courtesy of Cycle Training UK

Let me know the safety tips that help you??


Time Out said...

As a bit of a nervous cycler myself, who's recently moved to London from the countryside, it's great to get some tips on claiming enough space for yourself. On the Time Out website, we've got some further information about cycling safety - wearing helmets, what to wear on your bike etc - that I thought you might be interested in:

You can have your say on any of the issues raised and enter the debate.


chazz said...

Use lots of eye contact when approaching anything that could constitute a hazard, such as a car pulling out, a taxi doing a turn in the road, etc. Turn around and glance at the driver in the car behind you or ahead of you. By doing that you've established a connection which makes the driver notice you that little bit more.

Use hand signals liberally. Car drivers feel more confident that you are going to act predictably and will give you room.

cyclemaniac said...

While observing all other trafiic rules, I would slow down a little and stretch my arm forward before reaching a busy junction to indicate (to motorists intending to make a turn) that I was moving straight on. On many occasions they stopped and waved me on.