Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Road Sense Sally - Useful exercises

If are just getting back in the saddle this spring and haven’t cycled for a few years here’s a few exercises to do off road to get you ready for the city streets.

Exercise 1) High 5
You will need to Indicate clearly to turn left and right so need to be confident cycling one handed. A good way to get used to this movement is the hi5 exercise pictured above. Entice a friend or boyfriend along to be your high five partner and practice on both hands until you feel full comfortable taking each had off the handle bars while still moving.

Exercise 2) Do look back
Checking traffic behind is an essential part of cycling on the roads. To perfect this skill practice twisting round and looking behind you first keeping both hands on the handlebars and when you feel confident taking one hand off and twisting round a little further. Try this at varying speeds until you feel fully comfortable and balanced.

Exercise 3) Emergency stop
Practice cycling at a reasonable speed and then stopping abruptly at a chosen spot. Use both brakes and push your weight down on the bike whilst stretching your arms out. once you have come to a stop keep your hand on the breaks to secure the bike until you are ready to get going again

All exercises courtesy of Cycle Training UK. Lessons are all one to one and in some London boroughs are completely free!

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Chris crash said...

#1 is wrong, sticking your arms out in a busy street is one of the worst moves you can make. I have been smacked in the face a few times by people doing this, bad news if i had been a motor bike or a car, and not your friendly neighborhood bicycle messenger.