Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Swishy skirts

Swishy Skirts are the big trend for 2008. Not only are they glamorous and feminine but they're comfortable and cooling to cycle in, perfect for the spring and summer .To protect your modesty should a sudden gust of wind blow your skirt up a little too far wear hotpant style shorts or even 3/4 length leggings underneath.

A designer option is this striped linen skirt by Sonia Rykiel from net-a-porter

Or from the high street this Hi waisted garden skirt from Urban Outfitters

Top photo from inspirational Danish blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic


K'rina said...

I think you're blog is awesome.

I'm from New Zealand and I'm now looking at places that sell Dutch style bikes etc.
So far I've only found the classic mountain bike, which isn't the look i'm searching for!

Thank you for the inspiration.

K'rina said...

Ergh, typo.

*your blog

Caz said...

So glad you like the blog K'rina. I hope you find a Dutch bike in New Zealand. Do you have Pashleys over there. It's a british make but they have a classic style similar to Dutch bikes.
What's the cycling scene like in NZ?

How To Heal said...

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