Monday, 3 March 2008

Stylish Bags & Panniers

Whether it’s just a handbag, a laptop for work, a spot of shopping or an overnight bag, most urban woman have Stuff!
This need not put you off cycling as you can actually carry a lot on a bike with very little stress and strain and it does not mean you have to sport a geeky rucksack. A few Cyclechic recommendations for girls who have stuff…

The Basil Mirte is a bag and pannier in one. It clips easily on to your back rack and when you detach it, transforms in to a wonderful shopping bag, great for everyday bits and pieces. Available from Velorution

The Cyclodelic bra bag designed by cycling fashion guru Amy Fleuriot not only looks fantastic but is highly practical. It either attaches on to your handle bars or goes across your shoulder designed so the bag sits on your back and doesn’t swing forward

This rather delightful famous five style pannier from Bobbin Bicycles is great for everyday urban riding. It’s the perfect size for your lock and your handbag... or for jam sandwiches and ginger beer!

This Ollie&Nic number is a good example of a cycle-friendly designer bag. It has an adjustable long strap so can be worn over one shoulder and fits snugly on the back, it's also a nice bright colour ensuring you are seen on the roads.

The Zwei U12
A stylish and secure bag designed to accommodate a laptop. It can be clippd on to your rack or worn messenger style


highson said...

Hi i have a product which is dualsex available now and has been an award finalist. It enables you to carry your clothes on your back pre-ironed to work crease free. If interested please check it out. Its called the highson hybrid cycling jacket. I wont put web addresses on here incase you are against the idea. but if you type Highson in Google it comes up at the top. Give me your opinion its got an email through to me. Im Tony Highson by the way and i am the inventor and director of the company. 0800 0612526

Specs and the City said...

Dear Caz,

I wish to seek your wise counsel (and that of your blog readers).

I've just bought a rather natty white 1980 Peugeot mixte racer. It is very beautiful, but it doesn't have any fixings for carrying stuff. Obviously, as a girl about town I need to carry a handbag, change of clothes and spare pair(s) of shoes and I'm opposed to the rucksack/sweaty back combo for obvious reasons.

I therefore need to choose between fitting a front basket or a back rack for a bag/pannier/box (I think both together might be a bit decadent). Problems I have include a really short distance between the handlebars and the front wheel (requiring some kind of basket-propping device), and only having one set of braze-ons on the back (which might make a back rack a bit unstable). Also, I have very shiny white mudguards that I'd like to show off... :)

So what's plus chic? Baskets or back racks?

Yours in anticipation,