Thursday 29 May 2008

Cyclechic in the country

Cyclechic customer Karina sporting the blue tartan box bag with effortless style whilst cycling through the Dorsest countryside.

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Wednesday 21 May 2008

Cycling shorts

They had the right idea back in the 50's but coming into the 80's things started to go horribly wrong. The unflattering elasticated 'cycling short' was born and started to become mainstream. I was guilty of succumbing to to this tasteless trend, I remember being quite fond of my shiny black cycling shorts with florescent pink stripes down the sides. But we are no longer in the 80's so quite frankly ladies there is no excuse and now shorts are back in fashion there are plenty of stylish pairs to choose from. A few of my faves...

Go back to the good old 50's style with these high waisted braces shorts only £25 from asos

If you like them tight try these stretch corduary shorts from American Apparel

Or Landgirl style with these 'proper rail road shorts' from Urban Outfitters

Or this rather smashing play suit from Junky Styling

Friday 9 May 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Bern Helmets and Hard Hats

Bern Muse
Product information
Price: 39.99 (42.99 with graphics*)
Colours : Matte Purple, Matte grey, white with polka dot graphic*, White with oak leaf graphic, Gloss White and Gloss Cranberry
Sizes: S: 53.5 - 55.5cm M: 55.5 - 57cm L: 57 - 59cm
Two versions available:
Hard Hat
• Soft breathable Brock foam circulates air and sucks moisture
• Multiple impact
• High impact ABS shell
• High Impact
• Hard foam
• Industry standard

Cyclechic's verdict
It was a happy day when came across the wonderful Bern Helmets, after years of frustration and embarressment at having to wear an utterly style-less tradtional cycling helmet. The Bern Muse is feminine, comfortable and most importantly flattering. They are an all year round helmet as they keep you dry in the rain and the brock foam ensures you don't get a sweaty head in the sunshine. You can either go for a Hard Hat or the Industry standard EPS Helmet.

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Bern Watt A Unisex helmet, perfect for the summer with air vents at the top and back.
Product information
Price: £39.99
Colours: Gloss black, Gloss red, Matte black
Sizes: S,M,L,XL
Available in Hard Hat and EPS Helmet (details as above)

Cyclechic's verdict
Cool in every sense of the word...

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Cyclechic Shop: Ding Dong Bells

Product Information
Price: £8.99
Size: 80mm CP
Attaches to bike with 2 metal brackets that fit round your handlebar and then tighten the screw with a screwdriver. Easy Peasy!

Cyclechic'c verdict
A bell is essential for urban cycling so why not have some fun with it. Be loud and proud with a vintage style ding dong bell. Not only are they pleasing to the eye but make a clear and satisfying sound to alert passersby to your dazzling presence.

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Wednesday 7 May 2008

Cyclechic Shop:Vintage style box bags

Product information
Price: £30
colours: White, Red Tartan, Blue Tartan, Green Tartan
The box bag attaches to the back rack of your bicycle with 4 plastic buckles attached to the base, see picture below.

Cyclechic's Verdict
Perfect for a few groceries or to fling your handbag and lock in on your way to work. The lid buckles down securley so no one can swipe your stuff out as you go by as they can from baskets. They ooz vintage charm and are perfect for summertime cycling, picnics in the park or Saturday morning trips to the market.

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