Tuesday 26 March 2013

Spin in Style

Did a spot of filming for the Barclays cycling films - to encourage more ladies to get on their bike this spring. Christine Bleakly is fronting the campaign and she was completely lovely. Take a look at the others vids at Barclays page on You tube

And go to cyclechic.co uk to check out the products featured.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

On Top of The World

Very cool photo (although the Mum in me is a a little worried about her getting down safely) I came across on  John Daniel Reiss's flikr.

It reminds me of some of the old bicycle illustrations from the early 1900's when artists and bike companies were  capturing how cycling was empowering and liberating women.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Trend Alert: Leopard Print

We are going WILD for this safari print Bobbin Birdie. Often associated with bar maids in soaps, we don't care, we love leopard print so much we are fully prepared to model ourselves on Pat Butcher giving Bet Lynch a hug.

Here are our favourite leopard-ey catches:
If you think full on leopard print is a bit too bold these Vans are only half leopard. Era style vans are ideal for cycling in as they are super comfy with a thick sole.
We love wearing this helmet and mixing it up with other prints to create a style statement. See how our model has teamed it with a nautical striped top and sequined bolero. HOT.
Sawako Furuno Leopard Helmet. £84 from Cyclechic.

This is great for anyone who caries the world upon their shoulders. We carry so much stuff around around with us it's not unusual for us to be backpack and pannier laden.  We love this Mi-Pac backpack with it's contrast pocket.
Mi-Pac Leopard Backpack. £25from ASOS

Add a subtle flash of leopard spots to your outfit. Great with jeans or to jazz up a black dress this belt  goes well with smart or casual looks. There is a danger you may wear it all day, everyday. Not a problem.
Leopard-Spotted Skinny Belt. £28 Anthropologie.

We love it when you get two trends in one. This long sleeved bodycon top is not only leopard print but it also features a cat face *contemplates Trend Alert: Cat Faces*.
Cat Face Bodycon Top. £45 Lazy Oaf.

If you really aren't much impressed by this trend, here is a video of Shania Twain working the look from hood to toe that might change your mind. We are sorry.
Jude Brosnan