Friday 28 March 2008

Model Cyclist

Everyone's favourite model Agnes Deyn looking fabulous on her bicycle with her usual effortless style. Apparently Agnes cycled between shows during New York City fashion week, flying a Union Jack flag off the back of her bicycle.. Good girl!

Monday 24 March 2008

Basket Case

A basket can be a great addition to your bike. Whether your piling it high with fresh veg and a french sticks or more realistically throwing your handbag in it on your way to work, baskets are a practical option that add character to your bike. Basket pictured below from a range at Bobbin Bicycles. Scroll down for a few more suggestions...

The Klickfix wicker basket has both classic style and modern day practicality. The basket costs £38 and the lockable bracket is £17. This may be a little more expensive than others on the market but the advantage is that it's easily detachable when you want to use it for shopping but can be locked securely when you want to leave it on your bike. It's also a nice eco solution to avoid using plastic bags.

For something a little more decadent I rather like the Carrie bicycle basket from Design house stockholm. You can buy online or they have a shop on the Kings road, Chelsea.

For a quick, cheap and easy option go for the Basil rectangular basket from Fisher Outdoor for £23.99 . The hooks fit over your handle bars so although not entirely secure you can just order online and attach straight away.

This lovely Hershberger baker's basket was designed by an Armish family in the States. It is available from US site Velo orange but have yet to find anyone selling them in the UK... will keep looking.

If wicker is all a bit 'Vicars wife' for you, try this no nonsense Adie wire mesh basket from Discount Bicycles for only 14.99 complete with quick release mechanism

The waterproof options all tend to be a little boring, this is the best I can find The Reisenthel Bike Basket, verging on Mumsy, I know! definitely room for improvement in this area...

Sunday 23 March 2008

Wish you were here

I have just been to the seaside for Easter. I had visions of cycling along the promenade in a 50's dress hitched up, enjoying a bit of spring time sunshine and stopping off for ice-cream along the way. Unfortunately there was no spring time sunshine to be had only gail force winds and snow!! So re-enacting a scene from David Lelands 'Wish you were here' (pictured above) was out of the question.

Let me know your favourite bike scenes from films...

Thursday 20 March 2008

What a lovely evening

Thank you to all the wonderfully chic ladies and gents who came along for a drink last night to celebrate Lucky Saddles grand unveiling!

We hope our little display of bike-beautifulness will catch a few peoples eyes over the next 10 days and spread the Cycle Chic word.

LUCKY SADDLE, 79 Upper Street, Islington, N1

Tuesday 18 March 2008


I have teamed up with another couple of cycling ladies to present LUCKY SADDLE...

'Three companies at the vanguard of stylish cycling join forces: Bobbin, Cycle Chic & Sawako Furuno will commandeer a derelict shop to present their manifesto for Feminine Urban Cycling. From Weds 19th March - Sun 30th March 2008 at 79, Upper Street, London N1'

Do pop down and have a look if your in the area (it's where reckless records used to be, 5 mins from Angel tube)

Sunday 16 March 2008

Tip 11: PlantLock it

Finding a suitable space to park and store your bike at home can be a bit of a problem for many Londoners. If you live in a flat and don't have a shed, garage or anything secure outside to lock your bike to, it may be, like me, the only answer is keeping your beloved bicycle in the lounge. This causes endless annoyance to my boyfriend who seems to be constantly walking into the pedals.
The PlantLock from The Front Yard Company could be a solution. They are classed as imovable weighing 75+kg when planted up and you can lock two bikes to the handles securely. They can brighten up a dead bit of space at the front or back of your building or can be kept indoors in a hallway or stairwell. They retail at £135.
We are moving (to another flat) next month and I have been given a 'no bikes in the lounge' rule so have been eyeing up the bit of space at the front of the flat. It's not big but I am thinking a Plantock will fit there quite nicely and I can perhaps get a little green fingered and start growing my own herbs...

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Swishy skirts

Swishy Skirts are the big trend for 2008. Not only are they glamorous and feminine but they're comfortable and cooling to cycle in, perfect for the spring and summer .To protect your modesty should a sudden gust of wind blow your skirt up a little too far wear hotpant style shorts or even 3/4 length leggings underneath.

A designer option is this striped linen skirt by Sonia Rykiel from net-a-porter

Or from the high street this Hi waisted garden skirt from Urban Outfitters

Top photo from inspirational Danish blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Tuesday 11 March 2008

My top 3 bike shops in London

1. Bobbin Bicycles is my current favourte. They sell range of elegant Dutch bicycles, pictured above is the Bobbin Play bike, along with vintage style accessories. Based in Clerkenwell they operate on an appointment only basis so you can be sure you will have the undivided attention of either Sian or Tom, the company owners. The shopping experience is about as differnet as you can get from your 'Evans' style service, the focus being much more on how you feel on the bike than the technical details. The icing on the cake is the price, bikes range from £200-£260 around half the price of other Dutch bikes on the market.

2. Camden Cycles is a fantastic shop if you're looking for a bike to get you going and don't want to spend much money. They specilaise in re-conditioned second-hand bikes, prices starting at around £60. They also sell last years models of reliable brands like Ridgeback, Tiger and Claude Butler, prices range from £100-£200. For the nervous beginner they operate a 2 week return policy and a 1 year guarntee for repairs if anything goes wrong with the bike. Tony, the manager is friendly and enthusiastic and will go out of his way to find the right bike for you.

3. Velorution is by far the most stylish bike shop in London. Selling a wide range of high end bikes from your classic Pashleys and Bromptons to unique European bikes that you just dont see anywhere else in the UK. If you have some money to spend and are looking for a bike to impress Velorution is your shop. Even if the bikes are beyond your budget it's worth popping in to have a look, the shop is just off Oxford Street and really is a feast for the eyes. They also have a range of stylish accessories on sale.

Let me know other Bike shops you like...

Road sense Sally: Know your route

To sail through the streets with confidence and style it's important to know where your going. There is nothing glamorous about getting lost, stressed out and finding yourself in a dodgy industrial estate in Wandsworth.
If you are just starting out stick to routes you know to begin with. When you feel ready to venture further a field arm yourself with the relevant maps.

If you go to TFL's website you can order printed maps of various areas in London with suggested routes for cycling... and they're completely FREE of charge.

Also try TFL's online journey planner. Enter your starting point and your destination and it will mark out a route on either cycle routes or quieter roads.

If your not in London try Sustrans interactive mapping for details of your nearest cycle route anywhere in the UK.

Sunday 9 March 2008

My new hompage

My new Homepage is now up at . It is designed to take you to the area of the blog you are interested in by simply clicking on the pretty pictures.

Let me know what you think?

The beautiful bike is from Bobbin Bicycles and the photographs were taken by Natalie Pecht

Friday 7 March 2008

Cape about town

A cape can be an ideal alternative to a coat for a cyclist. They don't restrict your back or shoulders when cycling as some coats can and don't cling to the body so you stay well ventilated. Most importantly they look fabulous as capes have a classic elegance that suits riding a bicycle.
The rather delightful cycling cape pictured above is by Dashing Tweeds and has a reflective yarn woven into it so by it's not only an elegant, tailored garment but at night time alerts drivers to your dazzling presence.

This bonny cape is by Giuliana Testino, comes in assorted colours and costs £275 from Browns, London.

If you want to go for an authentic vintage cape that wont break the bank, charity shops and vintgae shops are the best way to go. I got my cape (pictured left) from a charity shop in the Yorshire Dales for the bargain price of £3.50. Try one of the Traid charity shops in London they tend to have good vintage sections.

Fancy Folding?

Folding bikes are great for jet-setters like the lovely Dawn Porter pictured above. You can fold them up and take them on a train, plane, boat, coach… unfold and cycle away at the other end.

They are also great for the social butterfly as you can take them into pubs and bars and pop them under your table or, if going the the Theatre, put them in the cloakroom

They are also the perfect option if you commute into London from Brighton or somewhere similar that’s just too far to cycle everyday. Take them on the train with you and then cycle to the office and avoid the overcrowded tubes.

The Brompton seems to be the ‘daddy’ of the commuting folders. Incredibly well crafted, they fold and unfold in 15 seconds and will last you many years if looked after well. Phoenix cycles in Battersea, have a fantastic range of Bromptons in an assortment of colours from baby pink and blue to more elegant cream and royal blue to outspoken bright orange and green. Another good shop for folders is On your bike which also sells slightly cheaper brands such as Dahon’s.

Thursday 6 March 2008

Road Sense Sally - Road Positioning

Worries about safety are the main factor that put woman off cycling, a lot of ladies I know think they are immediately going to get flattened by a bus. Cycling is a bad advert for itself, to onlookers it looks terribly scary but it does not have to be dangerous or risky. One major factor that will considerably improve your safety is the correct road positioning, approx 1 meter from the curb. The 3 main reasons why..

Contrary to popular belief motor vehicles do not want to hit cyclist, it’s only when they don’t see them that accidents happen. If you have the correct road positioning you will be much more visible and will significantly reduce any risks.

Be aware that drivers will give you the same amount of space you give yourself so if you give yourself a meter they will be inclined to give you the same.

A lot of cycling accidents happen by cyclist riding too close to parked cars and getting hit when the door opens, so if you give yourself a car door width when passing them (or if this is tricky slow down) you will vastly improve your safety

Safety advice courtesy of Cycle Training UK

Let me know the safety tips that help you??

Wednesday 5 March 2008

3 Cycle-friendly slip-ons

These lovely shoes from Vivobarefoot are made out of recycled or locally sourced materials they are lightweight and have a little stretchy strap to keep them on your feet. The shoes are designed to be both good for your feet and your posture have a look

Swims are for those wet and windy days when you want to wear your ballet shoes but know they'll get soaked. Just pop the swims over your shoes and take them off when you get somewhere warm and dry.

The Arche Sagone is ballet shoe style but has a cushioned leather footbed so are a little more comfortable on the pedals. They are also made from natural fibres so are breathable and eco.

Tip 10: Get involved

When you start cycling in London you have an immediate connection with your fellow cyclists becoming part of a blossoming subculture. Indulge in a little cycle flirting in your everyday riding and perhaps get involved in some of the following

Critical Mass meets at 6.30pm on the last Friday of every month on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre. There is no planned route just a whole lot of cyclists cruising around the London streets.

Brick lane bike Polo You can take part yourself or just come and watch… lots of fun and a good chance to meet the right kind of cyclist.

Rolla Paluza... Bicycle racing, DJ’s and beer

After the huge success of last yeas event, Freewheel is back again for 2008. London roads will be closed off to cars and bicycles will reign the streets, put 21st September in your diary now and join the ride The social networking site for cyclist.

Join my Cyclechic facebook group and upload photos of yourself looking wonderful on your bicycle.

Tuesday 4 March 2008

Tip 9: How to stay fresh as a daisy...

A lot of people think cycling = getting hideously hot and sweaty and having to shower and change when you get to your destination. This need not be the case if you cycle at a leisurely pace and put a little thought in to what you wear.

A few clothing tips for avoiding cycle sweat and remaining fresh as a daisy with minimum hassle

• Use panniers or messenger style bags instead of rucksacks which can result in a rather unpleasant sweaty back. See stylish bags and panniers post

• Get yourself a pair of Green cycling knickers. They have a removable pad for comfort and are made from 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton ensuring they are breathable, antibacterial and absorbent.

• As summer approaches go for floaty dresses (pictured above), They are perfect for keeping cool on your bike and floral & floaty is very much en vogue this season

• Cycle in a loose fitting top and take a smarter top with you for a quick change when you get to work. Try a nice brightly coloured jersey from American Apparel they look great with skinny jeans.

• Treat yourself to a merino wool top ... "Merino wool is a naturally high performance material, absorbing perspiration and eliminating smells. It keeps your body warm if its cold but is breathable so in warm conditions it keeps you just right too" Designer Alexa Pearson

Lovely picture from The Sartorialist

Please let me know of other cycle friendly clothing that works for you…

Road Sense Sally - Useful exercises

If are just getting back in the saddle this spring and haven’t cycled for a few years here’s a few exercises to do off road to get you ready for the city streets.

Exercise 1) High 5
You will need to Indicate clearly to turn left and right so need to be confident cycling one handed. A good way to get used to this movement is the hi5 exercise pictured above. Entice a friend or boyfriend along to be your high five partner and practice on both hands until you feel full comfortable taking each had off the handle bars while still moving.

Exercise 2) Do look back
Checking traffic behind is an essential part of cycling on the roads. To perfect this skill practice twisting round and looking behind you first keeping both hands on the handlebars and when you feel confident taking one hand off and twisting round a little further. Try this at varying speeds until you feel fully comfortable and balanced.

Exercise 3) Emergency stop
Practice cycling at a reasonable speed and then stopping abruptly at a chosen spot. Use both brakes and push your weight down on the bike whilst stretching your arms out. once you have come to a stop keep your hand on the breaks to secure the bike until you are ready to get going again

All exercises courtesy of Cycle Training UK. Lessons are all one to one and in some London boroughs are completely free!

Monday 3 March 2008

Stylish Bags & Panniers

Whether it’s just a handbag, a laptop for work, a spot of shopping or an overnight bag, most urban woman have Stuff!
This need not put you off cycling as you can actually carry a lot on a bike with very little stress and strain and it does not mean you have to sport a geeky rucksack. A few Cyclechic recommendations for girls who have stuff…

The Basil Mirte is a bag and pannier in one. It clips easily on to your back rack and when you detach it, transforms in to a wonderful shopping bag, great for everyday bits and pieces. Available from Velorution

The Cyclodelic bra bag designed by cycling fashion guru Amy Fleuriot not only looks fantastic but is highly practical. It either attaches on to your handle bars or goes across your shoulder designed so the bag sits on your back and doesn’t swing forward

This rather delightful famous five style pannier from Bobbin Bicycles is great for everyday urban riding. It’s the perfect size for your lock and your handbag... or for jam sandwiches and ginger beer!

This Ollie&Nic number is a good example of a cycle-friendly designer bag. It has an adjustable long strap so can be worn over one shoulder and fits snugly on the back, it's also a nice bright colour ensuring you are seen on the roads.

The Zwei U12
A stylish and secure bag designed to accommodate a laptop. It can be clippd on to your rack or worn messenger style