Monday 10 December 2012

Happy Christmas! Free Bike Band with all orders until 20th Dec

Ok, I think we can officially say the C word now without getting scowled at.... CHRISTMAS!!! So to celebrate all things Festive, we are giving away a FREE Incredible Bike Band with ALL orders until the 20th December. Now what is an Incredible Bike band. I hear you ask?! It's a very clever little silicone band that connects your smart phone to your handlebars, so you can follow your GPS without any awkward phone fumbling. It's usually £4.99 but all our lovely Cyclechic customers get this handy little item for free, in the run up to Christmas!

A few other Cyclechic Gifts that will look rather cosy under your tree...

The Vintage Box bags £44.99 have a wonderful Christmas charm and there's enough space in there for a bottle of sherry and a bag of twiglets.

You can't go wrong with a Classic wicker basket £19.99 and a cheeky I love my Bike bell £5.99

Or protect your loved ones lovely head with a Bern Helmet from £49.99 

Thursday 29 November 2012

Bike theft: How to show your bike some tough love

So its been 2 months since my beloved bicycle was stolen. I am moving on but not yet fully over it, I miss the bike of course but I think what stung the most was the way it disrupted my life. I am now back on road with the lovley vintage Raleigh Caprice pictured above and have taken a few precautions to try and prevent the same thing happening again.

1. Better Lock - I'll admit it right now - I had gotten lock lazy. After my last D Lock broke I had settled for a cable lock someone gave me, it was easy to lock and unlock, it was light but it was also very easy to chop in half with bolt cutters! Lesson learnt. I have now got a proper sturdy D lock made by Squire that has a Gold standard sold secure certificate. To start with it was more of a fiddle to lock the bike. I did swear at it somewhat (but its a tough cookie so I dont think it shed any tears) but now I have perfected the angle and am growing to love my D shaped friend. Check when you buy your D lock it has a sold secure certificate (either bronze, sliver or gold)

2. Cheaper Bike - This is not a sure fire way to prevent theft, I have spoken to many people who have had inexpensive bikes nicked BUT it does make it less inviting to the professional bike thief. I also needed to get back in saddle asap with a budget of £100 so the easiest, quickest option was a second hand bike from ebay.  If you have time you can scour the car-boot sales but this will take a few weekends and the right bike is not guaranteed.  Here's 3 tips for buying on ebay.

  • Go for brands that you've heard of and that have a good reputation for durability. I went for a Raleigh caprice from 1991 as I new the Caprice range from 80's and 90'd were good solid bikes. It still had the original basket and rack in place and the paint work looked almost perfect so it was clear it had been well looked after.
  •  Buy from a reputable seller or bike shop. A lot of bike shops sell second hand bikes through ebay as an addition to their business. It's a good idea to visit their website and give them a call, perhaps go through a check list of the parts to ensure they are all in order. I bought mine from Kings Cycles, ebay shop. And had a good chat with them about the bike before I committed. 
  •  Be prepared for the extra charges. Unless you're lucky enough to find a local seller you will need to pay a postage fee, usually around £20.You may also need a professional bike mechanice to assemble it for you. Most bikes will need the pedals, front wheel and sometimes handlebar stem attaching. You may be confident doing it yourself but if not you run the risk of the bike being unsafe to ride. Charge for this is usually around £20-25.

3. Bike storage - I have tried all sorts of combinations; bike in the kitchen, bike in the hall but keep having to accept the same truth; my flat is not big enough for me, my daughter and a bike. Behind the sofa is a good tip if you have a streamlined bike but mine has a child seat on so is too wide and bulky. There are also some highly stylish bike shelf designs if you have spare wall and like the look of your bike from companies like Quarterre, but alas I have no spare wall.

One solution for us city dwellers that have to keep our bikes outside and don't want to be building bunkers or sheds, is a bike stand. Now I never thought I would be excited about a bike stand but the Princess Kate heart shaped stand, £98.90 has caught my eye and may well be on my Christmas list. (although I'm sure it will be a bugger to wrap) Apparently they can be bolted to the ground so get your tools out or enrol a strong friend with tools and you're away. Show your bike some tough love.

4. Insurance - Again I had been a little lazy here and not bothered with insurance and whilst I'm not sure I will insure the Caprice I do have my eye on Bisou by Tokyo bikes and at around £500, this baby will definitely be getting insured. ETA do a really good cycle insurance package. Their website is really clear and easy to use, you simply type in your postcode and the price of your bike and it give you an instant quote. Prices start from £21 a year.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Press: Time Out's Gift Guide

Check out today's Time Out, we have 3 products that have made it into the Christmas gift guide! Hurrah for Time Out for supporting us independent retailers and having a great mix of pressie ideas from London based businesses and shops.

Our Christmassy trinkets that made it in...

Dring Dring, Candy Bell £16.99

Honk Honk.. Chrome Hooter £9.99
The delightful reflective helmet bow £12.99

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Commuting in the Capital...

Evans have put together a nice little chart looking at the best way to commute in the capital. Of course the mighty bicycle comes away with the Gold medal.... Nothing we didn't already know but always nice to have a reminder.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Like us on Facebook and win £50 Gift voucher

To celebrate the launch of our new Gift Section we are giving away a £50 Gift Voucher to spend at All you need to do is Like our new Facebook Fan Page. The Lucky winner will be picked at Random and will be announced on the Fan Page on 7th Dec.

We have been searching high and low for the best pressies for your cycling loved ones and have got some real crackers lined up, 3 of my faves are....

1. Candy Bell £16.99, all wrapped up like a sweety!

Reflective Helmet Bow £12.99

Friday 26 October 2012

Autumn/Winter Picks

Our New Home page is up along with our picks of the best possible bicycle attire for the chillier months. Our shoot was inspired by Sunday Cycle trips that end with the reward of a pint of ale and a pub Lunch. The lovely bike we used was a Bobbin Bramble in Plum, a real beauty!

No need to push yourself when the weather starts to turn but a little weekend jaunt on the bike can be wonderful when the trees start to turn. And ending up in good old traditional British Pub, is to me an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The pub in the photo us the Swan, Chiswick. I love the Green and Brown tiled wall and the old windows. Try a cycle along the river from Kew or Hammersmith and end up here for a beer and a spot on lunch.

Our Favourite new products of the season has to be the Bobbin Waxed Cotton Cape in Navy and Kahki. Its the Barbour of the cycling world and looks simply divine of guys and gals. The clever things about this cape is that it has straps that pull it in at the waist to give it some definition at the back whilst still keeping you covered at the front. It works a treat with some leather gloves and skinny jeans or cords underneath We are quite simply in love.

And for the ideal wintery helmet we are turning to Casqu'en Ville Trappa style helmet. Feeling all cosy and warm just looking at it...

We also have a fantastic collection of Pannier bags in muted Autumn shades. My fave 3 have to be the Bolzano in brown, Linus Sac in Khaki or the our old reliable friend, Henry the Box bag.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

The Diary of a Victim of Bike Theft

I arrived home last Sunday after a weekend away, to discover some low-life had stolen my beloved Pashley Poppy, from right outside my house. Anyone who has had their bike stolen will know the roller coaster of emotions you go on...

Stage 1: Pure shock. You don't quite believe it and you try to come up with a rational explanation as to where your bike has gone, rather than accepting the ugly truth. "Maybe my neighbours have moved it" etc etc.

Stage2: Anger & Emotional outbursts, when you stop kidding yourself and realise it has been stolen you feel ANGRY and then more ANGRY and if your an emotional sort like myself you may shed a tear or two.

Stage 3: Your life becomes a logistical nightmare. You realise all your routines and carefully planned schedules are scuppered. It takes half an hour longer to get anywhere and as a result find yourself walking and swearing a lot, constantly saying to yourself, " I was on my bike I would have gone and come back by now..."

Stage 4: You take action. Like me you may have reported it to the Police straight way and although they were very polite and took all my details, I got a letter a couple of day later saying there was not much else they could do.
So then next step was to get the word out there. I tweeted and facebooked my bad news and although no one had seen my bike I did get some very helpful advice. The Bike Shepherd sent me a top 10 List of things to do which was very useful. (One very useful tip is to register alerts on Ebay and Gumtree  for your bike model) I also got very kind condolences and offers of bike loans which I was very grateful for!

Stage 5: Get over it and get a new bike. Now you may be one of the lucky ones who gets their bike back but your chances are slim and if you depend on your bike day to day, you need to get over it and get a new one. This is currently the stage I am at and as a big fan of vintage ladies bikes I am off to see the chaps at Bikeworks tomorrow to see if I can get myself a re-conditioned bike. At this point you should allow yourself to feel a little excitement about a potential new set of wheels.

Stage 6: Ensure it doesn't happen again. I have to admit that I did not do everything I could to ensure my bike was safe. I have owned bikes in London for 6 years now and had never had one stolen so had become a little nonchalant.  I had always locked it up outside my house and presumed it was a safe enough area... how wrong I was. Here are my new rules to ensure it does not happen again...

  • Get a D Lock. I had always had D locks but when my last one broke, I switched back to an old cable lock. Bad idea as the thieves were able to saw through it.
  •  Keep bike inside - there is not much space in my flat for a bike and as I use it everyday its much easier to keep it outside but I may try and keep my new bike inside especially when I am away for the weekend. A good tip is to move your sofa forward a foot and slide your bike between the sofa and the wall.
  • Get insured. You can get some really good deals on bike insurance, check out ETA's website for a quote. If I had insured my bike it would have saved a lot of hassle and expense.
  •  Perhaps go for a less flashy bike. Although I loved my Pashley Poppy dearly, and I hope to own another one day, I am going to go for a less nick-able bike - something with vintage charm that doesn't scream " I am expensive... steal me!" to thieves.

Here's a up to date picture and my daughter and I on the Poppy, It had a Brooks basket on the front and a Bobike childseat on the back. If anyone does come across anyone trying to sell it please get in contact with me

Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Guardian Magazine

We were chuffed to be featured amongst a smorgasbord of stylish cycling clobber in the Guardian Magazine's feature, Beyond the Velodrome, at the weekend. It's great to see that the surge of excitement from the Olympics has filtered through to everyday cycling. I have a noticed a lot of friends have recently taken up cycling and the roads seem busier than ever with beautiful bicyclists. Great stuff. So don't get put off by the chilly wind of an autumn morning or a spot of drizzle. Take a look at the full Guardian picks, get prepared and enjoy cycling throughout the seasons.

Our products that made it onto the list...

The Bobbin Retro Front Light, £24.99 - am so glad they featured this! This beautiful bicycle lights are new in and I have just attached one to my Pashely Poppy. The perfect bike light for a vintage style bike that doesn't come with a Dynamo. It looks great on the bike and shines like beacon.

The Linus Sac Pannier, £44.99. We have been having a love affair with this pannier bag here at Cyclechic, ever since it washed up on UK shores from sunny California. It seems the Guardian feel the same way claiming "this is the most stylish pannier we've ever seen" It comes in Navy, Beige, and Khaki.

And lastly but not leastly... The Georgia in Dublin Leggits £49.99 - Fantastic for avoiding soggy feet syndrome and look rather hot to trot too.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Bikes We Like!

I went way out of my comfort zone at the weekend and cycled 52 mile route of the London Bikeathon (for Leuekeamia and Lymphoma research). Worried my Pashley was not entirely the right set of wheels for the job, I borrowed a friends Specialized Vita. Although the cycling position was not what I was used too, it was a great, zippy little bike. Perfect for picking up pace on a longer ride. (and yes that is cycling shorts I am wearing but purely for their padded qualities and hidden by a pretty floral dress and vintage merino wool vest)

With an interest in the specialized brand I noticed that they do a rather attractive urban bike, The Globe Live 2 Mixte 2012. I chatted with the guys at Cycle Surgery to get a little bit more info on what there Globe has to offer....

The Specialized brand of Globe Daily women’s bikes are tailor-made for urban roads and are set to grace the streets of London, putting a little style into the cycle lanes.

This range of urban bikes is especially designed with city living in mind. Much like drivers who own cars in a city, cyclists too need to make regular short trips, park up and dismount frequently. For that reason, the Globe Live Mixte bike comes complete with a sturdy kick-stand so you can park it anywhere, but even better, it has a step-through frame which makes getting on and off an elegant affair. This means that for those of us who don’t want to wear any sort of sporty elasto cyclewear of become some kind of yogalates expert who can swing a leg over a central bar, dignity is preserved.

Similarly, while looking gorgeous and being user friendly, it’s also amazingly comfortable. The wheel fork has been specially constructed to bear the cobbled streets of Mayfair or Covent Garden, which means you can cruise smoothly along without fear of feeling, or indeed looking like you’re riding a washing machine on spin cycle. However not all of London’s roads are charming and lovely, so to protect you, and your bike, the Globe range are also fitted with super-tough tyres which have a deep tread to handle slippery surfaces and resist punctures. Perhaps best of all is the saddle. Available in tan leather or black, the seat has been thoughtfully moulded to be soft, comfortable and supportive for your lady-bits. Well, it is a woman’s bike.
Finally, the pedals are made to grip your shoes so you don’t need specialist footwear, just whatever you think goes best with your outfit, speaking of which, will be kept immaculately clean, even on a rainy day by the heavy-duty mudguards on your tyres - is there anything this bike cannot do?
The Globe Daily range is available online, but Cycle Surgery will match your price if you find one anywhere else that is cheaper; they’ll even deliver your bike for free.

Friday 7 September 2012

Two Tone it from Top to Toe

Not ready to sink into a winter wardrobe of khaki's and maroons just yet, why not let get some two tone action going on to salute the end of summer and splash some colour into Autumn.

Bobbin's new Limited Edition two tone Birdie Bicycle is a charmer indeed. Inspired by the 80's, Erdem and Dalston dip dye in equal portions, there is whole lot of coolness going on with this set of wheels. In my eye, yellow, is a great year round colour for a bike. It looks fab in the sunshine and brightens up your day on those dreary winter mornings. The two tone Birdie, £385 comes out end of September.

Need a helmet to match the wheels, the Lazer Armour Helmet in yellow and white, £49.99 is a match made in bicycle style heaven.

Now onto some suitable footwear to slide elegantly from Summer to Autumn . These two tone vintage style Deena and Ozzy brogues from Urban Outfitters, £55, have miraculously opened my wallet and prised out my bank card quicker than I could say' new boots'.

And lastly, top it all off with our current best selling pannier, The Linus Sac in Navy and Yellow £44.99. The yellow base is the perfect injection of colour for your Autumn look. This pannier has a wonderful vintage feel with the Sac shaped bag and is easy as pie to clip onto your bike rack and also looks great messenger style across your shoulders.

Yo yo, come join out new Facebook Fan Page, we'd love to have you join the gang.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

We heart you Victoria

Congratulations to Victoria Pendleton for her Olympic triumph, of course a shame she didn't clinch the Gold today but she has been amazing (how exciting was the Keirin final on Friday?!) She is truly an inspiration and like the entire GB cycling team she seems like someone you genuinely would want to be friends with. 

She has such tremendous talent, determination and spirit and she also looks wonderfully stylish whether she's kitted up on the track or posing with a Pashley in vintage gear. She is also passionate about encouraging more women to cycle and is ambassador women's cycling event Cycletta.

We love that she cries a lot and her life seems to packed full of drama both on and off the track, she fell in love with one of her coaching team (a big no, no in the world of sport). But love won the day and they are getting a married when she’s done with all this Olympics lark…. How lovely.


Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hot in a Helmet: We Need You!

Readers of the blog will know we are on a mission this summer to rid the 'Bike Helmet' of its geeky image and champion it as a Fashion Accessory not a Fashion Crime.
Its not that we think everyone should ALWAYS wear a helmet when cycling. Wearing a helmet is a choice and I am all for the freedom of  flowing locks. However when I first started cycling in London I was scared of the roads and a combination of wearing a helmet and having professional cycle training gave me a much needed confidence boost.

So to help women get over their helmet hang ups we have launched a Hot in a Helmet Gallery and we need pics of you 'rockin' it in your helmet.

You can email us your pics to or tweet them to @cyclechic

Or just have a browse at the gallery and like your fave looks.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Cyclechic Office Sale Thurs 19th July

Lots of people came to our office sale at Cyclechic HQ on Thursday and bagged some real bargains. Don't worry if you missed out we will be having another one this Thursday 19th July.
We will be selling off old stock helmets, panniers, rainwear & lights with discounts of up to 70% Off.
Cyclechic HQ
58 - 60 Rivington Street
(Ring the buzzer and come up to the top floor)

 12-2.30pm  Thurs 19th July

We will be donating 25% of all takings from the sale to help a customer of ours, Claire Condy in her fight against Cancer. See her Just giving page here.

Thursday 12 July 2012

We are in Time Out today, Hurrah!

This week's Time Out has lots of great tips and information on cycling. 
If you turn to page 27 you will see Caz's top 5 favorite girly biking buys.

Here are her picks in their full glory:

1. Bern Lenox £49.99

2. Linus Sac £49.99

3. Lazer Armor Helmet £49.99

4. The Incredible Bike Band £5

5. Water off a Duck's Back Cycling Mac £129.99

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Office Sale Thurs 12th & 19th July

We are holding an office sale for the next 2 Thursdays (12th & 19th July). We will be selling off old stock with discounts of up to 70% Off, so if you fancy a Cyclechic bargain come on down. We have an array of items on sale; helmets, panniers, rainwear & lights.

   Cyclechic HQ
             58 - 60 Rivington Street
(Ring the buzzer and come up to the top floor)

 12-2.30pm on  Thurs 12th July and Thurs 19th July

We will be donating 25% of all takings from the sale to help a customer of ours, Claire Condy in her fight against Cancer. See her Just giving page here.