Tuesday 31 January 2012

In an ideal world I will be cycling in...

So January is almost over, thank goodness. It's been bleak and somewhat depressing. Can't wait until February begins and spring starts to become a reality rather than a distant dream. Time to start looking ahead and planning the ideal spring cycling outfit. My first choice pictured above is this exquisite Mulberry anorak, (the skirt may be a little awkward though and one probably shouldn't hitch a Mulberry skirts in ones knickers)

This Louis Vuitton dress would be idea for spring jaunts on my pastel Blue Pashley Poppy.

 Loose fitting yet sleek and sophisticated, this outfit from Phillip Lim  would do rather nicely for cycling to the office.

Thursday 12 January 2012

The lovley Lady Velo trials our Handbag Hugger

If you've not come across her before Lady Velo is the blogger behind Velo-City-Girl. A girl after our own heart Lady Velo embraces the joyous link between bicycles and fashion and blogs about her advetures cycling around London town on her Pashley 'Frankie'.

She very kindly trialed our Handbag Hugger and took some great pics. We love the way she doubled it up with the wicker basket and adore her choice of handbag to be hugged. Read her full review here

Keep up the good work Lady Velo!

Thursday 5 January 2012

Windy blows and Rosy cheeks

Surviving the wind and the rain? Why not cheer yourself up with our top pick from the Cyclechic Sale. The lovely Rosy Cheek Red Bensimon Rucksack is now only £44.25. Having this cheery little rucksack on your back will put a smile on your face and a spring in your pedal.

A few tips for cycling in windy conditions
1. Keep both hands firmly on the handlebars, this is no time to be doing 'look Mum no hands' tricks
2. Avoid flowing dresses & skirts and hats that could blow off (I once lost my favourite tribly cycling in windy conditions)
3. Get your head down and bring your elbows in so you have a smaller surface area facing the wind.
4. Bit cheeky but try cycling behind someone. Or cycle with a friend and take it in turns to lead the way and face the gales!