Thursday 28 November 2013

Product review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

I've not had too much luck with phones. I jumped on the iphone bandwagon in 09 only to have my screen crack well before I was due an upgrade. Ok - I may have been taking ariel shots of myself whilst cycling, and I may have dropped it but I expect my phone to be able to cope with my occupational hazards. I then moved onto a blackberry curve but it never really liked me connecting to the internet and then it just gave up altogether after less than a year... and I didn't even drop it.

So when I was asked to test out the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, I was eager so see if this was a phone that could actually work for me instead of wimping out on me!

So what is it that I need from a phone and does the Galaxy S4 Active deliver??

Out and about on the bike: I need a phone that I can connect to my handlebar with my incredible bike band and use GPS as I cycle: The S4 works very well for this with it's huge viewing screen and it was very easy to activate Google maps. The bike band fits well and the phone is stable as I cycle;  also, I don't need to worry about putting it back in my pocket when it rains as it can more than handle a spot of drizzle. Perfect.

Blogging/social networking
Facebook and Twitter are already on the phone and it takes me seconds to download the app for my new favourite, Pin interest, and my old favourite, Blogger. Again the big screen makes all the Social networking apps really nice to view and use. I was able to upload my images below directly from my phone onto this blog post which saves tonnes of time.

I am often out and about and need to check and send emails, access files in my dropbox, check sales on our website or check Google analytics. It was very easy to set this up and is already making my working life much more efficient. The internet is pretty fast, sometimes I've had to wait a few seconds for a page to load but on the whole it's good and I can get the info I need pretty quickly.

My mornings are often hectic - getting my daughter in her seat on my bike, getting her strapped in, helmet on, both our bags in the basket - and I have been known to drop my phone when doing a quick time check. So the fact that the Galaxy S4 Active doesn't mind a few knocks and bumps is a very good thing for those clumsy mornings!
It has a nice selection of ring tones and is easy to use for calls, although it did take  me a few times to get the swiping technique right to answer but I can do it with ease now. It makes nice plinky- plonky noises when I type things and open and close apps, although I was aware this might be a little annoying to others when I was playing around with it on the train earlier this week (note to self, turn off the plinky plonky noises when on the train). I am eager to test out the walking and fitness apps and the underwater camera and video but may wait until the weather warms up a little for the latter...

I am very excited to at last have a good camera on my phone as I love taking snaps when I am out and about. And after a cycling accident with my digital camera (yes, I dropped it) I have decided to stick with phone photos for a little while. Below are some photos taken on a Sunday jaunt out on my bike. My only crit is that the zoom is a little fuzzy but on the whole I am really happy with how the images look and the different finishes I can put on them and how easy they are to upload in other apps.
A quick stop at one of my fave antique shops

cheap delights at the market

flowers at the market
quick snap of the little one on the way back from school
Pretending this is my house on a Sunday cycle along the river...

Thursday 21 November 2013

Dreamy inspiration on Pin Interest...

Have a look at our boards and follow us if you like what you see

I have finally got around to setting up a Pin Interest account  -very slow on the uptake I know but better late than never as am loving it!  Simply looking through an eternal stream of pretty pictures and pinning the ones one likes is not just a treat for the eyes but is also remarkably calming and satisfying . So if you have a spare 5 mins and can't be bothered to tweet or talk have a look at our boards, and get taken on a journey of discovery on the smorgasbord of inspiration and  loveliness that is Pin Interest.

See our board of nice Bicycle pics

See our favourite pics from all our photoshoots
See our board of random stuff we like

PS. I have not yet figured out how to add a Pin interest widget to my blog... when I upload the widget it just published as a link not a button (see below) and Pin interest is not on the share options in blog settings. If anyone knows how so it and has the time to explain it, pls email


Monday 18 November 2013

Half price helmets!

2 x Casqu' en Ville - XS (52cm) & XXS (54cm) was $79.99 now £39.99 (last ones left of range)

We have a selection of products which we are selling with a whopping 50% off! They either have very minor damage, damaged packaging or are the last one left of a discontinued range. Most of the helmets are small sizes and are simply the last in the range - these may fit older children and teenagers.

If you are interest in any of the products on this post you would need to come and pick it up from Cyclechic HQ, 58-60 Rivington street, London, EC2A 3AU. You don't have to commit to buy, feel free to come and take a look first but Please do call or email us first. 

Tel: 0207 613 7316

1 x Purple Bern Lenox - XS (52-53.5cm was £49.99  Now £24.99 (damaged packaging) 

1 x Turquoise Bern Lenox - XS (52-53.5cm was £49.99  Now £24.99 (damaged packaging)

1 x White/turquoise Bern Lenox - XS (52-53.5cm) was £49.99  Now £24.99 (damaged packaging)

Yakkay Cover Herringbone Paris Size Small was £35 now £17.50
Yakkay helmet base small (51-54.5cm) was £44.99 now £22.50

1 x Bobbin Basket large with support bracket was £34.99 now £17.50 (slight scuffage to the wicker on the inside)
Yakkay Cover Black oilskin Paris Size Small was £35 now £17.50

1 x Bern Brentwood (mens helmet) XL 59-60.5cm was £64.99 now £32.99
Bolzano pannier was £55 now £25 has a 2 small scratches on the white flap

If you are interested in grabbing any of these bargain, please call or email us first and arrange a time to pop in and see us. Contact us

Thursday 7 November 2013

The Michaux Club Lightening Rucksack

This is the first post in our New Product Review Section. Our business is about finding products that enhance your cycling experience by doing the following 3 things:

1. Helping you cycle safely
2. Helping you reduce the faff factor of cycling
3. Helping you cycle in style

So we will be testing all products and letting you know how they measure up and how they meet our strict criteria, here at

First up we have the Michaux Club Lightening Rucksack (£250)

1. How does it help you Cycle safely?  The most obvious safety feature is the reflective piping sown into the front of the bag. Most reflective fabric comes in grey but Michaux have gone the extra mile to find reflective piping in tan brown to match the leather exactly (when not reflecting). Nice touch. Having a reflective element on your back as you cycle is a great visibility aid as it will shine out to cars behind when the beam of their headlights catches it. A more general safety bonus of a rucksack is that it frees up you arms and shoulders so you can cycle in a comfortable position -ill fitting shoulder bags can be dangerous if they slip and slide and get in the way as your ride.

Great for night cycling
2. How does it help you reduce the faff factor? A rucksack can be a great faff reducer especially for those who don't use a rear rack and panniers. It may be that you don't like the look of a rack on your racer or that you have child-seat obstructing your rack, either way a rucksack means you can just hop and your bike, carrying your stuff with ease.
A rucksack is also good if you do a combination of cycling and walking in your day to day life. Rucksacks are more comfortable for walking, spreading the weight evenly across your back and shoulders than bags with handles or one strap. The straps of the Michaux rucksack are wide so sit comfortably on your shoulders and you can tighten them without taking the rucksack off, by just pulling the strap down.
Great for walking 
Another feature I LOVE is the secret pocket (facing your back) that you can zip open and slide things in and out whilst the bag is still on your back. So you don't have to swing the bag off when ever you want to get your phone or wallet out.

And last but not least you don't need to worry when cycling in the rain as the Michaux Lightening is waterproof. It doesn't look it - its not shiny or waxed but it has been treated and although it will get wet on the outside, the water will not seep through. It also has a roll down top to ensure no drips of rain will reach the contents of your bag (a big bonus when commuting with a laptop/ipad) 

3. How will it help me Cycle in Style? I don't need to rant and rave to much on this, the bag speaks for itself. It's beautiful. It has been expertly made and the attention to detail is second to none. The colour options are graceful an tasteful and the leather features give it a stamp of quality and a classic feel. The Claret seems to work like a dream with my entire Autumn/Winter wardrobe! This bag has bags of style.

This rucksack exceeded my expectations. It's not cheap but that's because it is not cheaply made and the look and feel when you use it, sets it apart from cheaper versions you may find on the high street. Having never been a big fan of the designer handbag, this rucksack is my urban substitute, Beautiful, classic and less than half the price of a Mulberry handbag, I know which one I would choose.

Also comes in Olive

...and classic black

Check out the full range of Michaux bags in our new product section