Tuesday 7 August 2012

We heart you Victoria

Congratulations to Victoria Pendleton for her Olympic triumph, of course a shame she didn't clinch the Gold today but she has been amazing (how exciting was the Keirin final on Friday?!) She is truly an inspiration and like the entire GB cycling team she seems like someone you genuinely would want to be friends with. 

She has such tremendous talent, determination and spirit and she also looks wonderfully stylish whether she's kitted up on the track or posing with a Pashley in vintage gear. She is also passionate about encouraging more women to cycle and is ambassador women's cycling event Cycletta.

We love that she cries a lot and her life seems to packed full of drama both on and off the track, she fell in love with one of her coaching team (a big no, no in the world of sport). But love won the day and they are getting a married when she’s done with all this Olympics lark…. How lovely.