Tuesday 29 July 2008

We love our bikes! Insuring the love affair...

I’ve been shopping around for bike insurance and having just requested a quote from ETA (the Environmental Transport Agency) I was pleasantly surprised that the price for a years cover was less than the price of my D lock…

According to Transport for London over 80,000 bicycles were stolen in the capital last year, and nationally that figure rises to 440,000 according to the British Crime Survey. With fewer than 5% of bikes returned to their rightful owners, that’s 418,000 unhappy riders without their trusty steeds. Recently, even the leader of the opposition David Cameron fell foul to local bike thieves stating afterwards, a familiar sentiment that anyone who has been a victim of this kind of crime feels…

"It's priceless to me. I've done over a thousand miles on it … it's like an old friend.” (sic)

Like all cyclists I am very fond of my bike and would be very upset indeed if it got stolen. Along with the emotional upset of losing an old friend is the 'pain in the neck factor'; suddenly becoming bike-less can seriously disrupt your life and buying a new bike can leave you penniless for the rest of the month.

This is why Cycle insurance is a really good idea, ETA (the Environmental Transport Agency) fully understand the needs of commuting cyclists and offer a comprehensive policy that won’t cost a fortune.

Here’s a few key points of what ETA’s cycle insurance offers…

New for old replacement Cover for theft, vandalism and accidental damage for bikes up to £4000. Ease the emotional upset of losing your 2-wheeled friend by being able to get a new bike without it costing you. ETA will also pay for you to hire a bike while you are waiting for yours to be repaired or until you get a new one…. They really have thought of everything.

90 days European cover If you’re off on a cycling holiday this summer you’ll be fully covered while you’re away.

Third party insurance. Not many cyclists think about third party insurance but if you damage another person or their property whilst cycling you will be liable for the costs. This could be hugely expensive. ETA will cover up to £1million pounds in the event of you causing damage while you are cycling to property or to another person

Personal Accident cover which pays you compensation if you get into any nasty scrapes whilst on your bike.

Cycle Rescue Breaking down on your bike can be thoroughly annoying not to mention a little scary at nighttime. If you breakdown and find yourself stranded ETA will pay for a taxi to pick you and your bike up and take you home, to the nearest train station or to a bicycle repair shop.

The carbon off-setting of the entire insurance policy

If you request a quote on the ETA website from now until 21st October you will be entered into a Prize draw to win a rather beautiful 24 Ct Gold bike. Go to www.ilovemybike.co.uk for more details.

Thursday 17 July 2008

Flower power meets pedal power

This summer it's all about second hand bikes, wicker baskets and floaty floral dresses.. some inspiration from Top shop above

A few of my fave florals

Lily print dress £80 from Oasis Bronze your shoulders as you cycle in this gorgeously girly number

Or if your feeling flush this Saffron Floral dress from net a porter

Or if you fancy showing a little more flesh try this Floral Frill Halterneck from Urban Outfitters