Monday 10 December 2012

Happy Christmas! Free Bike Band with all orders until 20th Dec

Ok, I think we can officially say the C word now without getting scowled at.... CHRISTMAS!!! So to celebrate all things Festive, we are giving away a FREE Incredible Bike Band with ALL orders until the 20th December. Now what is an Incredible Bike band. I hear you ask?! It's a very clever little silicone band that connects your smart phone to your handlebars, so you can follow your GPS without any awkward phone fumbling. It's usually £4.99 but all our lovely Cyclechic customers get this handy little item for free, in the run up to Christmas!

A few other Cyclechic Gifts that will look rather cosy under your tree...

The Vintage Box bags £44.99 have a wonderful Christmas charm and there's enough space in there for a bottle of sherry and a bag of twiglets.

You can't go wrong with a Classic wicker basket £19.99 and a cheeky I love my Bike bell £5.99

Or protect your loved ones lovely head with a Bern Helmet from £49.99