Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hot in a Helmet: We Need You!

Readers of the blog will know we are on a mission this summer to rid the 'Bike Helmet' of its geeky image and champion it as a Fashion Accessory not a Fashion Crime.
Its not that we think everyone should ALWAYS wear a helmet when cycling. Wearing a helmet is a choice and I am all for the freedom of  flowing locks. However when I first started cycling in London I was scared of the roads and a combination of wearing a helmet and having professional cycle training gave me a much needed confidence boost.

So to help women get over their helmet hang ups we have launched a Hot in a Helmet Gallery and we need pics of you 'rockin' it in your helmet.

You can email us your pics to hotinahelmet@gmail.com or tweet them to @cyclechic

Or just have a browse at the gallery and like your fave looks.

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Cyclechic Office Sale Thurs 19th July

Lots of people came to our office sale at Cyclechic HQ on Thursday and bagged some real bargains. Don't worry if you missed out we will be having another one this Thursday 19th July.
We will be selling off old stock helmets, panniers, rainwear & lights with discounts of up to 70% Off.
Cyclechic HQ
58 - 60 Rivington Street
(Ring the buzzer and come up to the top floor)

 12-2.30pm  Thurs 19th July

We will be donating 25% of all takings from the sale to help a customer of ours, Claire Condy in her fight against Cancer. See her Just giving page here.

Thursday 12 July 2012

We are in Time Out today, Hurrah!

This week's Time Out has lots of great tips and information on cycling. 
If you turn to page 27 you will see Caz's top 5 favorite girly biking buys.

Here are her picks in their full glory:

1. Bern Lenox £49.99

2. Linus Sac £49.99

3. Lazer Armor Helmet £49.99

4. The Incredible Bike Band £5

5. Water off a Duck's Back Cycling Mac £129.99

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Office Sale Thurs 12th & 19th July

We are holding an office sale for the next 2 Thursdays (12th & 19th July). We will be selling off old stock with discounts of up to 70% Off, so if you fancy a Cyclechic bargain come on down. We have an array of items on sale; helmets, panniers, rainwear & lights.

   Cyclechic HQ
             58 - 60 Rivington Street
(Ring the buzzer and come up to the top floor)

 12-2.30pm on  Thurs 12th July and Thurs 19th July

We will be donating 25% of all takings from the sale to help a customer of ours, Claire Condy in her fight against Cancer. See her Just giving page here.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

One girl, many helmets...

Please welcome the lovely Jude Brosnan to London Cycle Chic. Jude has been cycling since she was a nipper, is the blogger behind I Speak Bike and also writes for the fashion and lifestyle blog Le Blow. Jude is not only bike obsessed but helmet obsessed and has so far cycled into the office in a different helmet everyday. Jude, and her many helmets, have joined the Cyclechic team this summer to champion our Hot in a Helmet campaign and spread the Cyclechic word. Over to you Jude...
Hi, my name is Jude and I'm a helmet-holic. I have over time, amassed quite a collection. In my defence, I do spend most of my time on my bike wearing helmets. You wouldn't wear the same pair of shoes everyday would you? I like to match my helmets to my outfits and customise them for different events. Let me show you:

  This pink number is my current favourite. I pimped it up with disco mirror squares to create a tetras inspired design. It makes a really cool glittery reflection on cars. If they must share our roads they may as well look pretty. This picture is from when I celebrated by Birthday by riding through the night to Brighton with my friends. We wore party hats over our helmets so our shadows looked like unicorns.
  For the Jubilee, my sister and I took the tandem out for a ride around London. That weekend was all about the red, white and blue so naturally we rose to the challenge by customising our helmets with Union Jack scarves. Reckon I'll get a whole summers use of this look what with the Olympics around the corner. This picture was taken near Buckingham Palace during the Jubilee concert. I'm propping up my sister who was standing on the tandem trying to get a better view of Tom Jones.

  As I cycle everywhere if I have a fancy dress party I try and incorporate my helmet into my costume as it means I won't have to carry it around all night. Here I am at a 'Superhero' party dressed as 'Cycle Superhero Girl'. Yes those are fairy lights in my helmet.
  Here I am dressed as a shark in my chrome helmet for a friend's Birthday at London Zoo. Although, I have been known to wear it since, just because. I get a lot of people commenting on this chrome number when I'm out and about on it. I think they might just be checking out their reflections. It is handy as a mirror for making sure I don't have helmet hair after long rides.

  I usually wear skater style helmets but I have this little number for when I want to look a bit fancy. It's a sportier style that I have covered with a turban and added a broach to. I love the vintage touch it adds to my outfits. Below is a picture of me in my turbanised helmet with my sister after the British Heart Foundation's London to Brighton which we nailed on our tandem. Note how we have not only matched our outfits to each other, but also to the finish line.
So those are just some of my helmets, I'm always lusting after new ones, I need to find some kind of storage solution, or just move somewhere bigger. Do you customise your helmet/s? If so we'd love to see some pictures. Tweet them to @Cyclechic