Friday 12 July 2013

Summer is here!

Now - I don't want to jinx it but I think it looks like we may be graced with an actual summer this year! This excites me greatly for many reasons but most of all because cycling in the British summer time - sun shining, breeze in the air, summer dress on... makes me super happy!
At Cyclechic we have been working away to find new products that will put a smile on your face this summer for being both practical to use and of course, looking fabulous.

Here's our rundown of what's HOT this summer!
First up is Baskets... Whether you are just throwing your handbag in, on your way to work or you are heading for the park with a book, blanket and a bottle of wine - a basket is a wonderfully practical and pretty addition to your bike.

Our faves baskets this summer are:

The Bobbin White Basket £23.99. An absolutely peachy companion for you and your bike. Connects to the handlebars with leather straps

And our new kid on the block, the Wald Grocery Basket £34.99. These baskets have a handsome retro charm and are hugely popular in the Sates. I have been using a Wald basket for the last 6 months and I LOVE it! It fixes permanently to the bike so is super sturdy and can take a hefty load of shopping and it does not interfere with your brake cables or steering at all. Full review coming soon but would highly recommend for a hassle free summer basket. 

Next up lets talk Panniers. We are delighted to have the Brand New Good Ordering range in, from London based designer Jacqui Ma. These bags have a fantastic 70's feel and remind me of the Fjallraven rucksacks. They are also amazingly practical and would be great for either the office or if you are off adventuring on your bike this summer. The Good ordering Shopper is £55 and come in 4 colours, has a specific laptop sleeve and also turns into a rucksack.

My other major fave is the Basil Bloom Carry all Pannier £45.99 They are such a good size and really with carry all and are so bright and summery - the ideal bag both on and off the bike this summer!

And finally as much as we hope for sunshine all summer long we are aware that the UK is susceptible to the odd spot if summer rain... so we have a whole host of stylish options for the summer showers. Our two faves are:

The gorgeous pink poncho £34.99

And if pink is not your thing try this cute as a button Navy Polka Dot Mac £34.99

Now all you need to do is get on your bike and enjoy the ride this summer! x