Tuesday 18 December 2007

Vintage Charmers

Raleigh launched their Raliegh Twenty range of pint sized bicycles back in 1968, when people still dealt in shillings! They have proved to be sturdy little fellas as there are still plenty about today and have become quite the fashion accessory amongst trendy East London folk.
Raleigh do have a modern version but they are nowhere near as cool as these vintage charmers. But It's not just charm the R20's have to offer they are highly practical city bikes being easy to store in your flat and nice and light if you have to get them up stairs or on trains. The Raleigh shoppers are my personal favourites with a basket and a saddle bag and they come in a wonderful range of colours from Neptune Blue to Flamenco red...they just don't make them like they used to! Do not fear however if you want to get one of these rather special little bikes have a look on ebay or a nice website I have found that specialises in recycled vintage bikes Re-Buy-cycle

Friday 14 December 2007

Cyclechic warriors

This is my first blog, showing real people out on the streets fighting the war against Lycra. I spotted Lori bringing some much needed glamour to a rather drab Wednesday evening in Shepherds Bush. Her outfit perfectly complemented her rather lovely black Brompton with her red bag and scarf matching her rear light...Cyclechic indeed.

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Cyclechic shopping: Knog Frog Lights

Lovin these Knog Frog lights. Finally a bicycle light you can actually get excited about buying.....They look great and come in a full range of wonderful colours to suit your bike or your mood.....

Sunday 2 December 2007

Tip 5: Boyfriend's T shirt

When cycling to work go for 'the boyfreind fit' look and borrow one of your man's T-shirts. Loosefitting T-shirts look great with the right jeans and hide a mutitude of sins. They are also nice and cool to cycle in so you don't get too sweaty before the day begins. You can then change in to your nice clean top when you get to work..Viola - fresh as a daisy and image still well and truly in tact!

Tip 4: save money

Ok so you might not save millions but you could save £100's maybe even £1000's on travel in a year. What with constant Oyser top ups, congestion charge and overpriced Taxi's, getting about in London can cost you a small fortune. Cycling on the other hand is FREE!!!!! Leaving you to spend your money on the far more interesting things in life.

Even if you don't cycle everyday it is the perfect solution for those weeks just before pay day or the next installment of your student loan when you have the painful prediciment of choosing between a weeks bus pass or a Friday night out. Such dilemmas can be avoided by cycling for the week and spending the money on having a good time rather than the boring cost of getting from A to B.