Wednesday 26 September 2012

The Guardian Magazine

We were chuffed to be featured amongst a smorgasbord of stylish cycling clobber in the Guardian Magazine's feature, Beyond the Velodrome, at the weekend. It's great to see that the surge of excitement from the Olympics has filtered through to everyday cycling. I have a noticed a lot of friends have recently taken up cycling and the roads seem busier than ever with beautiful bicyclists. Great stuff. So don't get put off by the chilly wind of an autumn morning or a spot of drizzle. Take a look at the full Guardian picks, get prepared and enjoy cycling throughout the seasons.

Our products that made it onto the list...

The Bobbin Retro Front Light, £24.99 - am so glad they featured this! This beautiful bicycle lights are new in and I have just attached one to my Pashely Poppy. The perfect bike light for a vintage style bike that doesn't come with a Dynamo. It looks great on the bike and shines like beacon.

The Linus Sac Pannier, £44.99. We have been having a love affair with this pannier bag here at Cyclechic, ever since it washed up on UK shores from sunny California. It seems the Guardian feel the same way claiming "this is the most stylish pannier we've ever seen" It comes in Navy, Beige, and Khaki.

And lastly but not leastly... The Georgia in Dublin Leggits £49.99 - Fantastic for avoiding soggy feet syndrome and look rather hot to trot too.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Bikes We Like!

I went way out of my comfort zone at the weekend and cycled 52 mile route of the London Bikeathon (for Leuekeamia and Lymphoma research). Worried my Pashley was not entirely the right set of wheels for the job, I borrowed a friends Specialized Vita. Although the cycling position was not what I was used too, it was a great, zippy little bike. Perfect for picking up pace on a longer ride. (and yes that is cycling shorts I am wearing but purely for their padded qualities and hidden by a pretty floral dress and vintage merino wool vest)

With an interest in the specialized brand I noticed that they do a rather attractive urban bike, The Globe Live 2 Mixte 2012. I chatted with the guys at Cycle Surgery to get a little bit more info on what there Globe has to offer....

The Specialized brand of Globe Daily women’s bikes are tailor-made for urban roads and are set to grace the streets of London, putting a little style into the cycle lanes.

This range of urban bikes is especially designed with city living in mind. Much like drivers who own cars in a city, cyclists too need to make regular short trips, park up and dismount frequently. For that reason, the Globe Live Mixte bike comes complete with a sturdy kick-stand so you can park it anywhere, but even better, it has a step-through frame which makes getting on and off an elegant affair. This means that for those of us who don’t want to wear any sort of sporty elasto cyclewear of become some kind of yogalates expert who can swing a leg over a central bar, dignity is preserved.

Similarly, while looking gorgeous and being user friendly, it’s also amazingly comfortable. The wheel fork has been specially constructed to bear the cobbled streets of Mayfair or Covent Garden, which means you can cruise smoothly along without fear of feeling, or indeed looking like you’re riding a washing machine on spin cycle. However not all of London’s roads are charming and lovely, so to protect you, and your bike, the Globe range are also fitted with super-tough tyres which have a deep tread to handle slippery surfaces and resist punctures. Perhaps best of all is the saddle. Available in tan leather or black, the seat has been thoughtfully moulded to be soft, comfortable and supportive for your lady-bits. Well, it is a woman’s bike.
Finally, the pedals are made to grip your shoes so you don’t need specialist footwear, just whatever you think goes best with your outfit, speaking of which, will be kept immaculately clean, even on a rainy day by the heavy-duty mudguards on your tyres - is there anything this bike cannot do?
The Globe Daily range is available online, but Cycle Surgery will match your price if you find one anywhere else that is cheaper; they’ll even deliver your bike for free.

Friday 7 September 2012

Two Tone it from Top to Toe

Not ready to sink into a winter wardrobe of khaki's and maroons just yet, why not let get some two tone action going on to salute the end of summer and splash some colour into Autumn.

Bobbin's new Limited Edition two tone Birdie Bicycle is a charmer indeed. Inspired by the 80's, Erdem and Dalston dip dye in equal portions, there is whole lot of coolness going on with this set of wheels. In my eye, yellow, is a great year round colour for a bike. It looks fab in the sunshine and brightens up your day on those dreary winter mornings. The two tone Birdie, £385 comes out end of September.

Need a helmet to match the wheels, the Lazer Armour Helmet in yellow and white, £49.99 is a match made in bicycle style heaven.

Now onto some suitable footwear to slide elegantly from Summer to Autumn . These two tone vintage style Deena and Ozzy brogues from Urban Outfitters, £55, have miraculously opened my wallet and prised out my bank card quicker than I could say' new boots'.

And lastly, top it all off with our current best selling pannier, The Linus Sac in Navy and Yellow £44.99. The yellow base is the perfect injection of colour for your Autumn look. This pannier has a wonderful vintage feel with the Sac shaped bag and is easy as pie to clip onto your bike rack and also looks great messenger style across your shoulders.

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