Monday 20 January 2014

Product review: Lucetta Lights

LUCETTA, magnetic bike lights from Palomar on Vimeo.

They may sound like a type of pasta and look like a contact lens case but this dinky little kit is actually a set of magnetic bicycle lights.
 Detachable lights are a good option if you have to park your bike in public and you don't want your lights to be nicked but sometimes the attaching and detaching can be faff. Especially on a cold wet evening when you just want to get on your bike and go home  This is one of the Lucetta lights big plus points - they are magnetic so all you have to do is tap them on the frame of your bike and they stick and automatically light up. If you want to change the function from flashing to constant you just tap the light against the frame again.
And when you take them off the bike they snap together and you can easily pop them in your bag, safe in the knowledge that they will stay together and they won't switch themselves on in your bag and run the batteries down.
They are also very useful lights if, like me, you have a basket on the front of your bike which obstructs lights on the handlebars. These lights can be places down on the fork or wherever it is that means your light is visible. Similarly if you have a rack on the back or child seat that obstructs the seat post (the usual place for a rear light) these lights are the perfect problem solver.
Very clever little lights indeed! Lucetta lights, £24.99 (pair), available in red, white and black at

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Sample sale update

Thanks to everyone who came to the sample sale today, it was a roaring success! We sold out of all stock in about 45 mins. As a result we will not have a sale Wed 15th Jan.

BUT we will be having another on Thurs 16th Jan, when we have had a chance to replenish stock!

Date & time: 16th Jan, 12-2pm

Place:  Cyclechic Ltd, Top Floor, 58-60 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AU (ring the buzzer for the The Viral Factory and come up to the top floor)

What we got: Helmets, panniers, lights

Price: Everything £10, lights less.

Come early to avoid disappointment!

Thursday 9 January 2014

Sample Sale 14-16th Jan

We have an assortment of helmets, panniers, basket and capes that are looking for homes with you lovely London cyclists. Products are either the last few of a range or have slight marks on or don't have the original packaging.

To make it simple we will selling every item for £10!

So please come to our office for a root around if your are looking for a bikey bargain this Jan!

Office sample sale times

Tues 14th Jan       12-2pm
Wed 15th Jan       12-2pm
Thurs 16th Jan     12-2pm

Office address: Cyclechic Ltd, Top Floor, 58-60 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AU (ring the buzzer for the TVF and come up to the top floor)

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Happy New Year and a few Jan Bargains

Yippee, a brand new year has begun! Congrats to all those who are cycling through the winter, and bearing the brunt of these rather unpleasant storms. Dropping my daughter at school, by bike, yesterday, felt like completing some kind of an Iron man challenge!

Hopefully we can help you along your way by offering you some discounts on products that will help you survive the winter by bike.

My top 3 recommendations in the sale are:

Bookman lights: These are nifty little lights, I have been using them all winter and they haven't let me down. Although the bulb looks small they actually emit quite a beam. The other bonus is that they attach with an a hairband type band so they are flexible and can be attached to baskets and rear racks as well as the usual handlebar and seat post. The clay colour is my fave as they work very well with my brown bike but dark jade and white are also nice. 40% off. Now only £10.

Bike cover - If you have to keep your bike outdoors in the rain and gales, make sure you cover it up. This jazzy little bike cover is just the ticket and comes in pink/white/navy or monochrome. It also has velcro and ties so it will stay secure on your bike and not blow away. With 20% off, its now only £27.99.

Bern Lenox Helmet Purple - I wouldn't be without my Bern Lenox when winter cycling. it's snug and cosy and gives me the confidence to face the harsher road conditions. The Bern helmets are also great for cycling in rain as they only have a few ventilation holes so your head stays pretty much dry and the peak prevents rain going in your eyes. The nice bright purple colour is good for visibility too. Now with 30% off, its only £34.99.