Monday 29 September 2008

Cycling calorie burner chart

As we all know Cycling can help you to loose wight and be on your way towards resembling Elle (the body) Mcpherson. OK so cycling may not instantly transform us all into Amazonian, age defying supermodels with perfect hair but it may mean that you don't have to feel so guilty about the odd chocolate fest or cheeky burger and chips. Here's a list of naughty but nice treats and the cycling trips required to ensure they don't end up being a lifetime on the hips...

Quarter pounder cheeseburger in a bun – 600 calories. Proposed Route: Harrow on the Hill to Tate Modern (approx 90 mins)

175ml glass of white wine - 130 calories. Proposed route: Hyde Park Corner to Mansion House (approx 20 mins)

Iced coffee latte - 135 calories. Proposed route: Regents Park to St James’ Park (approx 20 mins)

Two pork sausages – 410 calories. Proposed route: The London Eye to the 02 ARENA (approx 65 mins)

Strawberries & cream - 155 calories. Proposed route: Camden Town to Borough Market (approx 25 mins)

Monday 15 September 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Knog Gekko Lights

Price £16.99 (each)
Colours Black or Translucent
• Available in Front (white LED) and Rear (red LED)
• SuperBright 3 LED
• Flexible Silicon Body
• Water-resistant
• Super Slim
• 600 metres visibility
• 7 Functions

Cyclechic’s verdict

As the nights draw in the Gekko is the perfect light for the city cyclist. With 3 LED bulbs and 600m visibility you wont be missed on the roads. They are Easy to clip on & off and with 7 different flashing functions they can double up as bedroom disco lights to brighten up those long winter nights…

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Saturday 13 September 2008

Cycle Chic featured with Agness Deyn in The Sunday Times' Style magazine

Agyness Deyn and our vintage style tartan box-bags get some love in The Sunday Times' Style magazine on September 14, 2008:

Like this? 
Then check out our blue, white or green vintage box bags, the Deluxe cherry or lemon pine panniers and the retro Kitsch Kitchen bicycle bags on the Cycle Chic shop now.

Time Out plus the Sunday Cycle Picnic

Time Out London plugged the Cyclechic and Bobbin's Bicycles Sunday Cycle Picnic in London Fields, in their Sales and events pages, in no less than number two. Tasty:

Friday 12 September 2008

September's bike of the Month - The Velorbis Victoria

This is Cyclechic’s first bike of the month review. Each month we will pick out a bike that meets Cyclechic’s strict requirements of encompassing practicality, safety and of course, style.

This month’s bike is The Velorbis Victoria.Velorbis bicycles are designed in Denmark, made in Germany and are sold all over the world. For more details on suppliers and ordering email

When first setting eyes on the Velorbis I was overwhelmed by its gravitas. The Victoria is a grand bike that instantly makes you feel important when you hop aboard. Over the next week of riding the Velorbis around town it was clear that it was not just me that noticed its regal quality. It seemed my social status was elevating as a result of my new set of wheels.

Having recently moved house to a new area we have found the neighbours a little less than forthcoming. However, one evening last week, as I was arriving home on Lady Victoria, our first neighbourly friendship was formed. As I cycled up to the house, the couple next door turned their attention from the gardening to gush over the bike and after polite introductions we had secured an invite over for drinks! I have also noticed that cars give me more space, I have received complements at the lights from fellow cyclists and even had one chap insist on holding open the gates to my local park as I cycled through. It seems this bike is opening doors to me both socially and literally.

On a more technical note the bike is a dream to ride. Velorbis manage to combine the classic style of a Dutch bike with the agility of a good city bike. Some Dutch bikes can feel a bit like hard work on hills but the Velorbis does not seem to struggle. The upright position can take a little bit of getting used to but you’ll soon adjust and reap the benefits of being more visible to traffic.

The details on the bike are exquisite. The mechanics at the bike shop, where I picked it up from, were pointing out all the different features and components to me in true bike geek excitement. While a lot of it went over my head, I particularly like the leather Brooks saddle, handle bar straps and leather mud flaps. Another really nice detail is the stabiliser at the front that prevents your steering from going wonky due to the weight in the basket.

I took my Velorbis for a day out in Hampton; it seemed very at home in a traditional English village environment. Stopping at the butcher and the baker and finally ending up in the good old-fashioned British pub!

Thursday 4 September 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Knog love'n'hate gloves

Product Details
Hand Stitched fine grained goatskin leather with a dense lateral strength and double stitching at key points.
Price £29.99

Cyclechic Verdict
And who said cyclists don't have a sense of humour... Following on from the Frog lights Knog have yet again come up with a cycling accessory that is somewhat 'outside of the box'. Scare your friends (and keep your hands warm) with these hard as nails 'love'n'hate' gloves.

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