Thursday 20 October 2011

Cold Hands This Morning?

There is nothing worse than setting off on your bike on a crisp winters morning only to find 2 mins in that your hands are freezing, turning the rest of the journey into a battle against frost-bite. Even when wearing gloves the cold wind can blast through them and you find yourself trying to breath life into your hands at every traffic light stop. If this is a familiar scenario for you please read on...
This has long since been a problem of mine so this year I was determined to find some gloves to nip this in the bud.  After much searching we have found a solution in these stupidly warm Sheepskin Gloves £24.99, handmade in Glastonbury .
They arrived at our office this morning and I have hardly taken them off since (except to type of course). They are not only ridiculously cosy but are soft and flexible making them easy to handle the breaks and gears when cycling.
They are also made of REAL sheepskin so are durable, breathable and did I mention warm??!

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Heads up Mum

This poster was designed by  husband and wife team Britt and Wayne Hanson who together write the blog Fantastic Family Fun. Wayne was knocked off his bike by a van and wearing a helmet saved his life so the couple are understandably passionate and spreading the pro helmet word. The couple have noticed they often see adults carrying children on their bike and whilst the wee ones are safely helmeted up, the adult is not.
So why is this? I think sometime as parents we are so consumed with our child's well-being and all the associated bits and bobs that we spend less time thinking of our own. But of course the safety of our own heads is just as important to our little ones....

Thursday 13 October 2011

Free Delivery on all Bike Lights!

If your bicycle lights seem to have grown legs and done a runner over the summer do not fear, we have some cracking light options to suit all bikes and budgets. And to top it all off we're offering FREE DELIVERY on all Bike Lights from Today, 13th October until end of the day Sunday, 16th October. Simply enter the discount code: therewillbelight when you check out online.

New in: Boom Boom, Boom shake the room with Knog's new BOOMERS. You'll hardly notice its dark with the Boomer front light (above), £19.99. lighting up your path ahead.

The Boomer wearable £19.99 rear light is not only ridiculously bright but has a magnetic clip that allows you to attach it to your clothes. Woo hoo!

Budget: The Classic Knog Strobe is only £9.99, comes in array of delightful colours and is plenty bright enough to get an 80's disco going on your bike.

Pretty and Practical: The Bicygnal twin lights (£32.99 for set) not only look sleek and sophisticated but they magnetically clip together make rather nifty hand held torch.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Spot the trend

Every so often we get a product that gets people super excited and flies out of our warehouse at a rate of knots. This season it's Sawako Furuno's Leopard Skin Helmet £84.  Leopard skin prints are never far from the catwalk or the high street shelves and with a trend for Leopard skin accessories this year, we can see why this helmet is causing a stir.

Fashion heavy-weights from Victoria Beckham to SJP and Kate Moss have been seen with Leopard skin bags and there are some fabulous Leopard skin shoes around. We love these flats, River Island at ASOS, they would look great with skinny black jeans and Sawako Leopard helmet for a chic A/W cycling look.