Thursday 24 November 2011

Free Delivery On All Orders Over £60!

Whoopee, its FREE SHIPPING WEEK! Place an order over £60 and the delivery will cost you absolutely nowt! Get in there for helmets, panniers and accessories for yourself and your cycling nearest and dearest. Offer last until 1st Dec. Happy Shopping!

Thursday 10 November 2011

New in! SpotMe Badges

In our ongoing battle against ugly and offensive Hi Viz gear we are pleased to announce a new reflective product that is as cute as a button, quite literally.
The SpotMe Badges £9.99 are made of reflective fabric and have beautifully embrioded designs on them. They come in sets of 2 or 3 our faves are the Hearts, Stripes and the 'Ding Dongs'. They can be pinned onto your bag, coat, shoe to give you a sublte but effective reflective element when cycling at night.

These lovely little buttons are made by designer Kate Barton who when cycling to her central London studio soon felt the need to be noticed and began to make reflective accessories for her and her friends.
I have pinned 3 of the lovely heart shaped badges on my Bensimon Rucksack, they look totally sweet and they really do reflect well.

Gift Idea - The SpotMe Badges are an ideal Christmas gift and affordable too at £9.99 for a set. A perfect stocking filler.

Thursday 3 November 2011

The Bicycle Library comes to Hackney

The Bicycle Library, a mobile library advocating bicycles in the city, has migrated to London Fields for the Winter. The Bicycle Library is a decommissioned London double decker bus, stocked with bicycles, books and much more.
On the first floor visitors can enjoy a cup of tea whilst perusing through a host of sustainably sourced bicycle wear and accessories from the TWOnFRO range. Ascending to the second floor, visitors will find a well-stocked literary archive as well as a range of bikes that can be borrowed as you would a book. The Bicycle Library also doubles as an art gallery and cinema. Artwork is displayed on both floors and cinema screenings are set to take place on the second floor in the coming months.
Librarians are there to assist you with any questions, which are answered via their expertise, as well as the books and magazines in the reference library, which is a complete selection of all the best books on bicycle design, culture and history. There is also a set of IPads to browse all of our bookmarked cycling websites, which are organized according to the 7 sub categories of bikes we advocate for the city.