Tuesday 28 December 2010

Bikes we wanted for Christmas No.1 Vintage Melbourne Bike

I am so in love with these bikes its untrue! As a sucker for second hand and a vintage fanatic these bikes are totally up my street. Old bikes restored with taste and style, they come in sublime colours with lovely white saddles and of course the classic wicker basket. Melbourne Vintage bikes have been going since 2005 and sell all their bikes through ebay. Totally loving your work guys and congratulations on being our number 1!

Bikes we want for Christmas No.2 Pashely Guv'nor

As you all know I am a self-confessed Pashley-ite but having waxed lyrical about the ladies bikes I thought I would pick a bike from there mens range with the rather wonderful Guv'nor, The boys are most definitely back in town.

Bikes we wanted for Christmas No.3: Christiana Bike

This would come in so handy for carting my daughter around not to mention the supermarket shop. Available from Velorution

Bikes we wanted for Christmas No.4 Metropole Buttermilk

Yet another cream bike I know... But what I really like about The Metropole by Bronx  is the price - £299!

Bikes we want for Christmas No.5 Racer Rosa

A New London based company Racer Rosa that started up this year offer bespoke bikes to suit your exact specifications. We love the bright Blue all steel frames and streamline aesthetic.

Friday 24 December 2010

Bikes we want for Christmas No. 6: Spencer Ivy Electric Bike

There has always been a stigma attached to Electric bikes, for one reason or another they have never really caught on but is that about to change? Spencer Ivy bring you Electric bikes that look rather attractive. Although I am a big fan of pedal power there are some days when I would welcome a bit of help! Price £1895

Bikes we want for Christmas no. 7 Skeppshult London Ladies Bicycle

You may see a slightly disproportionate amount of cream bikes in my top 10, I have a thing about cream bikes and to my delight there seem to be quite a few around. As a London lady, I am loving Skeppshults offering, The London Ladies Bicycle £1450. Not only easy on the eye but a high quality set of wheels. Go on spoil yourself..

Thursday 23 December 2010

The Vintage box bags arrived just in time for Christmas...

It's taken a while but we finally got our first delivery of Vintage box bags, just in time for Christmas! It was touch and go for a while as the factory got snowed in but we manged to rescue them and get them back to my flat last night! To all those who ordered them as Christmas pressies, they have been sent special delivery and everyone else who has a pre-order will get them first week on January! Happy Christmas!

Sunday 19 December 2010

We will be at Spitalfields Market on Tues 21st Dec

We will be at Spitalfields Market on Tues 21st Dec with all our lovely helmets, panniers and accessories. So if you still need to do some Christmas shopping and you're in the area, pop in and see us. Whether it's a Union Jack helmet for your brother, Dashing Tweed legwarmers for your girlfriend or a Frog strobe light for Uncle Derek, we've gos lots of treats that will go down well for your cycling nearest and dearest.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Bikes we want for Christmas No.8: Charge Hob

Charge Bikes have a new girls bike in their 2010 / 2011 line called the Hob.  It's a pretty ground braking bike for women as it's a single speed bike which can be ridden either fixed or as a free wheel - but it's drop bar and sweep handle bars allow a relaxed sitting position - somewhere between riding a racer and a dutch bike.
Whats also interesting about this bike is the Mixte frame - where the top tube is replaced with two smaller tubes that run all the way to the rear axle. I saw quite a few Mixte's when I was in the US but you don't see too many over here. They have a functional elegance that I rather like.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

FREE DELIVERY for 24 Hours - until 2pm 15th Dec

We are offering all our lovely customers FREE DELIVERY from 2pm 14th Dec - 2pm 15th December at Cyclechic.co.uk.

Whether its' stocking fillers for under £15, or something special we will deliver FREE to your door!

Monday 13 December 2010

Doctor Zhivago here we come with The Yakkay Luzern

Stupidly excited to have the Yakkay Luzern helmets just in time for Christmas. Much to our dismay Yakkay stopped producing them for while but they are back! This is the perfect style of hat to have a helmet underneath as the bigger the better! And with the Russian Cossack style hat being must have head-wear this winter you will be warm, safe, stylish and feeling a little bit like Julie Christie from Doctor Zhivago....
They come in black and white at £104.99 for helmet and cover. Or if you already have the helmet base £45 for the cover only.

Friday 10 December 2010

No. 9: Gold Plated Brompton

Gold Plated Brompton
At £1900 a somewhat decadent choice of wheels but if we have the money we would! And Brompton's famous folding design would sure come in handy as we wouldn't want to leave this baby anywhere! I have to adnit I have often admired Brompton's from afar but have never owned one. Myabe next year I will invest but I think I will settle for Turkish green rather than the Bling-tastic gold! Avilable to buy from Be Golden.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Cyclechic's top 10 bikes for Christmas, No.10 - The Raleigh Superbe Roadster

The Raleigh Superbe Roadster - Raleigh are going back to their roots with this beautifully classic bicycle. It only seem to be available in the USA at the mo but hopefully they'll be bring it over to the UK soon. As a big fan of the Raleigh's heritage bikes, it great to see some of their classic style back. And it'd no just for us ladies theres a chaps version too.

Are you dreaming of a bike this Christmas, if so let me know which one?