Tuesday 30 December 2008

Happy New Year!

The sun is shining; you’ve got a few days off work… the perfect time for a spot of winter cycling. Strap on the gloves, scarfs and Christmas jumpers and off you go. There’s nothing like a bike ride to put you back on track after too much Christmas indulgence. You can start to feel truly healthy and good about yourself; just in time for the onslaught of booze & partying that is New Years…

Thursday 20 November 2008

Cyclodelic's Limited edition cape designed exclusively for Cyclechic

Product Information
• Classic herringbone woolen weave
• Hand illustrated lining (100% silk)
• Tailored back panel
• Reflective detailing
• Handmade in Hackney, London
• Sizes: One size
• Price: £230

Cyclechic's verdict
The Cape has long since been a favourite garment of mine. The shape lends itself to cycling as it doesn't restrict your back and shoulder and falls loosely on the body, so you stay well ventilated. Capes also have a classic grace and elegance that looks fabulous both on and off the bike.

After receiving a consistent flow of compliments on my welsh woolen cape I set my sights on designing one for Cyclechic.co.uk. I teamed up with the cycle-fashion design experts Amy Fleuriot and Sarah Buck of Cyclodelic to create this Limited Edition range.

The cape first became a fashion item for women in the 1930's. To 'tip our hats' to this and to celebrate the individuality of each piece we have named each cape with traditional ladies names from the period (which will be printed on the label)

• Elspeth

• Lola

• Ariadne

• Hattie

• Elvira

• Arlena

• Carla

• Greta

• Iris

• Frances

Click here to buy from our new online shop

Or if you would like to arrange a fitting at our Studio in Chiswick, West London, email caz@cyclechic.co.uk or phone 07908 631 050

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Cyclechic Shop: 'Lucky Saddle' Bamboo Knickers & Vest Set

Products information
Price: £25 for the set (Also sold separately Knickers £10, Vest £16)
Sizes: 10, 12, 14
Material: 70% Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 5% Lycra. A little bit about bamboo...
Bamboo Dry – absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second. It doesn’t stick to the skin. Its extraordinary natural breathability keeps you comfortable and dry for longer.

Bamboo Thermo-control – bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold. Keeping you more comfortable in all temperatures - ‘Air conditioned clothing’

Bamboo Fresh – bamboo is antibacterial, forever. By killing almost all bacteria, bamboo stays fresher and odour free for longer, is more hygienic and healthier.

Bamboo is 100% naturally grown, without assistance from man. Our bamboo is 100% sustainable. Bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers

Cyclechic's Verdict.

We love these cheeky little numbers, sexy, comfy and eco... perfect for the chic cyclists. Buy separately or go for set it's up to you...

* Tip to boyfriends - These make very good presents for your lovely cycling lady's!

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Cyclechic Shop: The Deluxe Shopper Pannier

Product information
Price: £40
Colours: Cherry Pine, Lemon pine
Fixtures & Fittings: 3 hooks that clip onto your backrack. Zip up with velcro flap so all your belonging will be safe and dry as you cycle.

Cyclechic's verdict

The Deluxe shopper combines 40's chic with modern day practicality. They are fantastically spacious, great for a trip to the supermarket or for work. Either go for the autumnal Cherry pine or summery Lemon Pine. The Deluxe Shopper is cycling's version of the oversized handbag.

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Baby Blue Laptop Pannier Bag

Product information
Price £40
Dimensions: 44cm long, 34 wide
Colour: Baby blue
click on the image to enlarge

Cyclechic's verdict

If, like me, you have struggled to attach your laptop securely to your bike and worried at every bump you go over on your cycle home, the baby blue laptop bag/pannier is for you. The bag fixes securely to the backrack with 3 hooks. When your off the bike the bag fits comfortably over your shoulder and the hooks are disguised by a pale blue cuff. The interior has various sections for paper docs and of course your precious laptop and a handy zip up pocket at the front for your lipstick or lock keys.

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Thursday 30 October 2008

Cyclechic's little black book: Bikeworks, East London

Bikeworks is a social enterprise based in Victoria Park in East London. If your looking to buy a bike they have a tasty collection of second-hand/recycled bikes on offer like this rather beautiful Spacemaster pictured above - am just loving the white saddle and white handle bar grips

The team running bikeworks offer cycle training and maintenance training... and seem like jolly nice chaps to boot!

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Cyclechic in Vogue

With out wanting to blow our own trumpet too much we were rather excited to be featured in October issue of Vogue magazine. The Bern helmets and the box bags being the lucky models! I think it's safe to say cycling has shaken off it's geeky image and is here to stay as stylish way to get around.

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Box-Bags & Bern Helmets on trend in Vogue

Vogue fell for two wheeled fashion in October 2008, when they dubbed our vintage style tartan box-bags and Bern Cranberry Helmets on trend:

Like this? 

Tuesday 7 October 2008

The Cycle Show 2008

The cycle show returns to Earls Court this week from 10th -12th October. While there will be plenty to keep the true cycling advocates entertained there is also a fair bit going on for us cycling commuters.

There will be a commuter test track to try a range of commuter bicycles. There will also be a kids test track with bicycles for kids and giving parents a chance to try out all the crazy looking contraptions to get your little ones from A to B.

Monday 29 September 2008

Cycling calorie burner chart

As we all know Cycling can help you to loose wight and be on your way towards resembling Elle (the body) Mcpherson. OK so cycling may not instantly transform us all into Amazonian, age defying supermodels with perfect hair but it may mean that you don't have to feel so guilty about the odd chocolate fest or cheeky burger and chips. Here's a list of naughty but nice treats and the cycling trips required to ensure they don't end up being a lifetime on the hips...

Quarter pounder cheeseburger in a bun – 600 calories. Proposed Route: Harrow on the Hill to Tate Modern (approx 90 mins)

175ml glass of white wine - 130 calories. Proposed route: Hyde Park Corner to Mansion House (approx 20 mins)

Iced coffee latte - 135 calories. Proposed route: Regents Park to St James’ Park (approx 20 mins)

Two pork sausages – 410 calories. Proposed route: The London Eye to the 02 ARENA (approx 65 mins)

Strawberries & cream - 155 calories. Proposed route: Camden Town to Borough Market (approx 25 mins)

Monday 15 September 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Knog Gekko Lights

Price £16.99 (each)
Colours Black or Translucent
• Available in Front (white LED) and Rear (red LED)
• SuperBright 3 LED
• Flexible Silicon Body
• Water-resistant
• Super Slim
• 600 metres visibility
• 7 Functions

Cyclechic’s verdict

As the nights draw in the Gekko is the perfect light for the city cyclist. With 3 LED bulbs and 600m visibility you wont be missed on the roads. They are Easy to clip on & off and with 7 different flashing functions they can double up as bedroom disco lights to brighten up those long winter nights…

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Saturday 13 September 2008

Cycle Chic featured with Agness Deyn in The Sunday Times' Style magazine

Agyness Deyn and our vintage style tartan box-bags get some love in The Sunday Times' Style magazine on September 14, 2008:

Like this? 
Then check out our blue, white or green vintage box bags, the Deluxe cherry or lemon pine panniers and the retro Kitsch Kitchen bicycle bags on the Cycle Chic shop now.

Time Out plus the Sunday Cycle Picnic

Time Out London plugged the Cyclechic and Bobbin's Bicycles Sunday Cycle Picnic in London Fields, in their Sales and events pages, in no less than number two. Tasty:

Friday 12 September 2008

September's bike of the Month - The Velorbis Victoria

This is Cyclechic’s first bike of the month review. Each month we will pick out a bike that meets Cyclechic’s strict requirements of encompassing practicality, safety and of course, style.

This month’s bike is The Velorbis Victoria.Velorbis bicycles are designed in Denmark, made in Germany and are sold all over the world. For more details on suppliers and ordering email sales@velorbis.com

When first setting eyes on the Velorbis I was overwhelmed by its gravitas. The Victoria is a grand bike that instantly makes you feel important when you hop aboard. Over the next week of riding the Velorbis around town it was clear that it was not just me that noticed its regal quality. It seemed my social status was elevating as a result of my new set of wheels.

Having recently moved house to a new area we have found the neighbours a little less than forthcoming. However, one evening last week, as I was arriving home on Lady Victoria, our first neighbourly friendship was formed. As I cycled up to the house, the couple next door turned their attention from the gardening to gush over the bike and after polite introductions we had secured an invite over for drinks! I have also noticed that cars give me more space, I have received complements at the lights from fellow cyclists and even had one chap insist on holding open the gates to my local park as I cycled through. It seems this bike is opening doors to me both socially and literally.

On a more technical note the bike is a dream to ride. Velorbis manage to combine the classic style of a Dutch bike with the agility of a good city bike. Some Dutch bikes can feel a bit like hard work on hills but the Velorbis does not seem to struggle. The upright position can take a little bit of getting used to but you’ll soon adjust and reap the benefits of being more visible to traffic.

The details on the bike are exquisite. The mechanics at the bike shop, where I picked it up from, were pointing out all the different features and components to me in true bike geek excitement. While a lot of it went over my head, I particularly like the leather Brooks saddle, handle bar straps and leather mud flaps. Another really nice detail is the stabiliser at the front that prevents your steering from going wonky due to the weight in the basket.

I took my Velorbis for a day out in Hampton; it seemed very at home in a traditional English village environment. Stopping at the butcher and the baker and finally ending up in the good old-fashioned British pub!

Thursday 4 September 2008

Cyclechic Shop: Knog love'n'hate gloves

Product Details
Hand Stitched fine grained goatskin leather with a dense lateral strength and double stitching at key points.
Price £29.99

Cyclechic Verdict
And who said cyclists don't have a sense of humour... Following on from the Frog lights Knog have yet again come up with a cycling accessory that is somewhat 'outside of the box'. Scare your friends (and keep your hands warm) with these hard as nails 'love'n'hate' gloves.

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Thursday 28 August 2008

Come and join us at the Sunday Cycle Picnic - 7th September 2008

Bobbin Bicycles, cyclechic.co.uk and Sawako Furuno invite you to an afternoon of fun, frolics and bicycles!

Put on your Sunday Best, pack yourself a picnic and come on down to London Fields for the very first Sunday Cycle Picnic.
The Magnificent Revolution's pedal-powered cinema tent will play host to Ray Pascoe's beautiful vintage cycling films,
alongside contemporary shorts. There will also be garden games, stalls and prizes for stylish bikes and their riders.

So saddle up and we'll see you there!

What you need to bring:
Your bike and a lock (secure cycle parking provided)
A picnic
Your friends

For one special lady a Red Bobbin Playbike is up for grabs. Just turn up on the day in a fetching outfit and sit on the bike for
your chance to cycle it away into sunset. For style inspiration visit bobbinbicycles.co.uk. May the best outfit win!

The Sunday Cycle Picnic, Sunday 7th Sept, 12-5pm
London Fields, Hackney

Saturday 23 August 2008

Cyclechic in The Observer Magazine's A-Z of Fashion

The Observer Magazine compiled an A-Z of Fashion in August 2008 - and Cyclechic was featured under C. Chuffed!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Sunny Cycling!

This lovely picture is one of the entrants of Lambeth Council's Bicycle Belles photography competition. Aswell as being a great picture I think the photographer should get brownie points for managing to find a a sunny day. We've been a bit short changed in sun yet again this year so lets all keep our fingers crossed theat we get a few more like this before Autumn kicks in.

Tuesday 5 August 2008

Quirky femininity

More validation that cycling is the pursuit of the naturally stylish amongst us. The queen of style herself Audrey Hepburn was often snapped on a bicycle whether on a film set or taking her pooch out for a spin. These pictures are a perfect example of how with the right outfit (and admittedly an extraordinarily pretty face in Audrey's case) a bicycle can accentuate your quirky femininity.

Tuesday 29 July 2008

We love our bikes! Insuring the love affair...

I’ve been shopping around for bike insurance and having just requested a quote from ETA (the Environmental Transport Agency) I was pleasantly surprised that the price for a years cover was less than the price of my D lock…

According to Transport for London over 80,000 bicycles were stolen in the capital last year, and nationally that figure rises to 440,000 according to the British Crime Survey. With fewer than 5% of bikes returned to their rightful owners, that’s 418,000 unhappy riders without their trusty steeds. Recently, even the leader of the opposition David Cameron fell foul to local bike thieves stating afterwards, a familiar sentiment that anyone who has been a victim of this kind of crime feels…

"It's priceless to me. I've done over a thousand miles on it … it's like an old friend.” (sic)

Like all cyclists I am very fond of my bike and would be very upset indeed if it got stolen. Along with the emotional upset of losing an old friend is the 'pain in the neck factor'; suddenly becoming bike-less can seriously disrupt your life and buying a new bike can leave you penniless for the rest of the month.

This is why Cycle insurance is a really good idea, ETA (the Environmental Transport Agency) fully understand the needs of commuting cyclists and offer a comprehensive policy that won’t cost a fortune.

Here’s a few key points of what ETA’s cycle insurance offers…

New for old replacement Cover for theft, vandalism and accidental damage for bikes up to £4000. Ease the emotional upset of losing your 2-wheeled friend by being able to get a new bike without it costing you. ETA will also pay for you to hire a bike while you are waiting for yours to be repaired or until you get a new one…. They really have thought of everything.

90 days European cover If you’re off on a cycling holiday this summer you’ll be fully covered while you’re away.

Third party insurance. Not many cyclists think about third party insurance but if you damage another person or their property whilst cycling you will be liable for the costs. This could be hugely expensive. ETA will cover up to £1million pounds in the event of you causing damage while you are cycling to property or to another person

Personal Accident cover which pays you compensation if you get into any nasty scrapes whilst on your bike.

Cycle Rescue Breaking down on your bike can be thoroughly annoying not to mention a little scary at nighttime. If you breakdown and find yourself stranded ETA will pay for a taxi to pick you and your bike up and take you home, to the nearest train station or to a bicycle repair shop.

The carbon off-setting of the entire insurance policy

If you request a quote on the ETA website from now until 21st October you will be entered into a Prize draw to win a rather beautiful 24 Ct Gold bike. Go to www.ilovemybike.co.uk for more details.

Thursday 17 July 2008

Flower power meets pedal power

This summer it's all about second hand bikes, wicker baskets and floaty floral dresses.. some inspiration from Top shop above

A few of my fave florals

Lily print dress £80 from Oasis Bronze your shoulders as you cycle in this gorgeously girly number

Or if your feeling flush this Saffron Floral dress from net a porter

Or if you fancy showing a little more flesh try this Floral Frill Halterneck from Urban Outfitters

Monday 30 June 2008

The Cyclechic shop: Kitsch Kitchen Cycle Bag Solo

Great on the bike...

Great on you...

Product information
Price: £34.99
Colours : See below
Dimensions: 35cm wide, 35cm long, 15cm deep
material: waterproof oilcloth
fixtures and fittings: 2 metal brackets that clip firmly over the bicycle back rack. When bag is not on the bike, the clips are covered by a zip-up flap. The bag has 2 pockets at the front and a zip-up inside pocket.

Click here to see this seasons range of colours and patterns

Cyclechic's Verdict:
These scrumptiously summery bags from Dutch company Kitsch Kitchen are the ultimate pannier/hand bag. From Floral to Fruity the patterns are divine and the material is fully waterproof and highly durable. They clip on and off your back rack as easy as pie and have plenty of space for all your bits and bobs from A4 folders to groceries.

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