Tuesday 20 September 2011

Uni Cycle

It's that time of year again when thousands of school leavers, pack their bedrooms into the back of their parents cars and head off to a random city for 3 years studying and partying.
But what the best way to get round once your parents have driven away? Cycling of course, it's a no brainer... Not only is it free but you will soon become the interesting, quirky one amongst your peers for turning up to lectures like a young Iris Murdoch...

A prime example is the wonderful Lilly Cole who does interesting and quirky exceptionally well. Throughout her 3 years at Cambridge she was often spotted cycling from lecture to lecture by bike. From her attire it's clear that she was a year round cyclist too... go Lily

Three rules for cycling at Uni:
1. A wicker basket is essential.
2. Don't cycle when you're wasted. Leave the bike at home on pound a pint night.
3.Get a second hand bike locally. Instead of trying to cram a nice shiny new bike in your parents boot, Look around when you get to uni and grab a local bargain.

Our wicker basket recommendations to perfect the Lily Cole/Uni Chic look:

On a budget try our Classic Wicker only £19.99

Or our new Picnic basket £49.99 with hamper style lid, ideal for keeping your books and sandwiches dry!

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Dawn Porter hauls her cookies from London to Paris by Bike!

TV Presenter and old uni chum of mine, Dawn Porter, took on the huge challenge of cycling from London to Paris last week. Despite severe saddle sore, she made it and we were only too happy to kit her out with a helmet and panniers to help her complete the mammoth ride in style.

Dawn was not just doing the ride to tone her thighs, she was raising money for a charity dear to her heart, Breast Cancer Care. So in keeping with the pink theme we sent her Sawako Furuno Ribbon Helmet in Rose and two Pink Maripopas Panniers.

Well done Dawn!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

My ASOS Autumn Essentials

Well there's no doubt about it, Autumn is well and truly here so time to start dressing accordingly on the bike. I have to admit to having a helping hand with my new autumn cycling attire from the lovely people as ASOS who gave me a £150 voucher to spend at my leisure, thanks ASOS. So what did I pick out?

I decided to go for an autumnal heritage look with Midi length Rain Mac, Pussybow shift dress and Cloche hat. The rainmac is ideal for cycling as its lightweight and the midi length keeps my legs dry. The chic shift dress also works well on the bike as it's a breathable fabric that doesnt cling and the cloche hat gives dash of vintage flair as well as keeping my locks protected from the blustery weather.
But it's not just about weathering the storms, it's important your autumn  look works both on and off the bike which is where this outfit comes into it's own. The Chic 1940's look is perfect for jumping off the bike and heading into a London pub for an after work drink with friends.

Friday 2 September 2011

Pedaling Picnic Perfection


Why not squeeze out the last bit of summer and set off for a bicycle picnic this weekend. Here's our Cyclechic picnic survival kit.

Our new Nantucket Picnic Bicycle Basket. The Hamper style lid is not only totally adorable but is highly practical, avoiding the common wicker basket problem of your bits and bobs flying out of the basket when you hit a bump on the road. It connects on to the bike with a plastic bracket that's easy to attach and can be whipped off in a second to be the centre piece of your picnic party.

Accessory no. 2 The Bicycle Wine Rack. What picnic would be complete without a bottle and this has got to be the coolest way to to carry booze on your bike.

And lastly you'll need a blanket to park your bicycling bottoms on. We love this delightful fringed plaid picnic rug from Beg with tanned leather straps that attach to your Brooks saddle to keep in place. What a a jolly good idea!

Now all you need is some culinary treats and a spot of sunshine and it's picnic perfection.