Tuesday 29 September 2009

Revamping the rucksack

The rucksack has a bad rep! Why is this? Similarly to cycling there are preconceptions associated with wearing a rucksack; treehugging, geeky etc. I personally have always had a soft spot for a good rucksack, they are good for your back, comfortable and practical to cycle with and have a gung ho, retro charm about them. I am therefore on a mission to bring back the backpack and revamp the rucksack!

I have been on a rucksack hunt and have found these wonderfully retro rucksacks from Fjallraven. Fjallraven translates as Arctic fox, they are a Swedish company that have been making hard-wearing hiking and camping gear for 60 years. The Kanken classic is re-issue of one of there original rucksacks hence the fabulous classic feel.
Style gurus are starting to blog about them and I have a seen a few on backs of trendy East London types of late so I get the feeling they are going to become rather popular We also have Kanken Laptop, the Kanken mini and the vintage rucksack which is made from waxed cotton with beautiful leather straps. So please get involved, check out our rucksack range and help me on my quest to bring back the backpack...
If you are a true backpack believer join my facebook group Revamp the rucksack

Friday 25 September 2009

London Fashion Week SS 10

A fantastic London Fashion week as ever. We've picked out a few of our favourite Cycle-friendly looks for Spring/Summer 2010. See the full collections at London Fashion Weeks website

I am eyeing up this Vivienne Westwood outfit for Spring cycling on my pastel blue Pashely Poppy.
Keep the London smog at bay... Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Paul Smith. Wonderful yellow brogues, hunting jacket and tapered trousers.
Fabulous Trench from Margaret Howell
Betty Jackson. Floral always look fabulous for summer cycling

Time to light up!

OK, so these fabulous LED wheels from US manufacturer MonkeyLectric might be pushing it a touch, but it is definitely time to get a set of lights on your bike, if you haven't already.
As the nights draw in even if you do not plan to cycle in the dark, you never know when you may be running late or caught out, so it is common sense - not to mention the law - to fit your bike with front and rear lights. The good news is there is a fabulous range of lights right here at cyclechic.co.uk which are not only practical, but very, very pretty too!
For basics, we love these Knog Frog lights, which are available in a range of fabulous colours and will light your bike up like a Christmas tree.

The Beetle is the upgrade to the Frog light, and features two LED bulbs and four functions including slow and fast flashing - and like the Frog they come in a series of colours to suit your bike, your outfit or even just your mood.
New for this season is the Skink which features four LED bulbs for the rear of your bike, and clips on and off easily.

We also like the Frog's cousins, the Gekko, which feature three LED bulbs and 600m visibility and have seven - count them - functions, turning your bike into a veritable mobile disco-ball.
If you are planning on doing serious night-time riding you may also want to invest in a halogen front beam. Although not essential, these babies can help light your way in dark, non-streetlit areas and generally improve the chances of you seeing where you are going, and other road users seeing you.
This Cateye number, available at Evans, is so powerful you'll swear it's daylight.

Monday 21 September 2009

Cyclechic Convoy at the London Skyride

The sun was shining and the floral dresses were in abundance! Thanks to all of you who came along to join the Cyclechic Convoy at the Skyride on Sunday. We met at St. Pauls, exchanged compliments on bikes, outfits etc and then took to the traffic free streets. What a joy to chat to fellow cyclists along the way without having to deal with the usual deluge of cars, buses and taxis. The atmosphere was fantastic with more than 65000 people taking part. It really was a celebration of the bicycle and showed the good vibe that results from people cycling on mass.
We stopped for a refreshing G&T at St James park and general frolicking

Thursday 17 September 2009

Kelly loves her Princess...

Here's British bombshell Kelly Brook looking gorgeous with her Pashley Princess, launching the London Skyride.
Actress Kelly told The Sun she never diets or goes to the gym - cycling everywhere helps her keep her fabulous figure.
'I love riding and bike everywhere, even to the shops to pick up a pint of milk,' she told the paper.
'The best thing about riding a bike is that you don't feel like you're working out.'
Well said Kelly. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise out there - it's low impact, burns loads of calories and just about anyone can do it.
This year Cyclechic.co.uk is running a convoy at the London Skyride, on Sunday September 20. We can't guarantee Kelly will show up, but we can guarantee to bring a dash of glamour to the event! All are welcome to join - for the rules, read this post. The meeting point is St Pauls Cathedral at midday - see you all there!

Friday 11 September 2009

Ethical cycle chic

Vogue magazine, the ultimate indicator of what is truly fabulous, recently gave mention to London-based designer Karta Healey's new collection of cycling gear, TWO n FRO. Excitingly the range, including these rather gorgeous ankle spats, will soon be available to buy here at www.cyclechic.co.uk!
Made from materials perfect for cyclists which are often also sustainable and recycled, the range includes this rather dapper tux with matching reflective cummerbund and bow tie - perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to combine bar-hopping with cycling.

If your man is jealous of this Cyclodelic cycling cape, the range has a man's cape that will compliment ours perfectly!

Healey says his range is 'designed for the silent confidence of city cyclists everywhere - cycle like a champ without looking like a cycle champ'.
Materials include bamboo, soy, silk and recycled fabrics. Bike parts and sails are recycled into accessories like this clever chain cover for carrying your lock in style.

'I am an advocate of sustainable cities, as I believe vehicles are a key component of any cities' success or failure,' Healey, who studied at St Martins, says. His collection is part of a wider project, AgotoB, to encourage sustainable cities.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Down with the kids

It's not just us adults who want to look good on our bikes, the kids have got to look cool too...Now they can with Bern's fantastic Nina and Nino helmets. The boys helmets, Nino comes in red and black racing stripe and the girls, Nina, in white with butterfly graphic and good old fashioned pink.
They are made with Bern's zipmould technology which make them both lightweight and 100% certified as a safety helmet. What better way to get your kids excited about wearing a helmet on the school run and only £39.99 at cyclechic.co.uk

Tuesday 1 September 2009

We know it's stylish, but is it safe?

This month sustainable transport charity Sustrans launches its petition for women cyclists.
We all know cycling in London is one of the quickest and most stylish ways to get around. But is it safe? Sadly many women think not. Statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents do show that men are far more likely to be involved in cycling accidents than women. But this could simply be because most cyclists are male. Whatever the statistics show, it is vital women feel safe on the roads. At the moment, most women say they do not.
According to the team at Sustrans most British women just don't believe the roads are safe enough for them to cycle on. A survey of more than 1,000 women found 79 per cent do not cycle at all, and road safety was the biggest factor putting them off. A total of 67 per cent of respondents said there should be more dedicated cycle lanes separate from other traffic.
The petition will call for the government to swing into action and make cycling in Britain safer for women. The Motion for Women petition will be live until the end of November and has the backing of organisations Mind and the WI.
Melissa Henry, comms director at Sustrans, says: 'Women are telling us in no uncertain terms they don't feel the roads are safe enough for them to cycle on. 79 per cent of women do not cycle at all. But women are also telling us they desperately want that situation to change. The desire to cycle, and enjoy all the benefits that cycling brings, is becoming a priority.'
You can add your support to the petition at Sustrans' site for women, Bike Belles.
Although it is not essential, a helmet can help you feel safer on the roads. Wearing a helmet is very much a matter of personal choice, but for those who do choose to wear one, we can recommend the wonderful range from Bern which are designed to cushion the head against small impacts more effectively than ordinary helmets. It helps that they look fantastic too! Our current favourite is this Muse Hard Hat with Graphic.