Friday 17 April 2009

Cyclechic's springtime must haves

I am very much into all things pink, blue and flowery this spring. It may be something to do with the arrival of my baby girl, Florence Sybil on the 27th March and that our flat is now a sea of flowers, pink teddies and frilly dresses. So from baby blues to blossom prints here's my top 5 springtime cycling must haves...

1. The Pashley Poppy £395 Those lovely people at Pashley have got it just right with these pastel blue and blush pink shades and the fabulous creamy wheels.

2. The Cherry blossom double pannier £35.99 - Perfect for spring days out on the bike or to brighten up your daily commute

3. Sawako Furuno Helmet £40-60

4. Joules Cag in a bag - Best to be prettily prepared for those April showers

5. Paul and Joes jumpsuit £389

Sunday 12 April 2009

Topshop gets cycling

Our friends at Cyclodelic have launched their fabulous products at the big Topshop in Oxford Circus... How exciting!

If however you can not get down the big smoke to check them out you can buy the Cyclodelic Bra bag, cuff and the wonderful cape from

Sunday 5 April 2009

Cycling short

It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

A beautiful little film. "Directed by Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle Productions.
This short film features Alfred Bobe Jr. and Fatimah Durkee. The film spins a visual ballad between the two cyclists experiencing the city in their own unique ways. Both cyclists are city dwellers who amidst the chaos of the concrete jungle have created a private and peaceful psychological space as they traverse the streets. They are both alone and yet they are both very much aware of each others presence. The film speaks to the harmony with one's environment that can be found while riding a bicycle in a city and the synchronistic connection we can have with those we have not even met. The short was commissioned by Hutchinson tires."
We are loving the girls strawberrys and cream outfit and bike and the particularly stylish bonnet style hat.