Wednesday 21 November 2007

Tip 1: Like your bike!

It doesn't have to be bright pink but it's important that you like your bike. If you like riding it and like the way you look on it you'll ride it more often. So although you may be tempted to resurrect that mountain bike you got for your 12th birthday that's rusting away in the garage at your parents house, I wouldn’t advise it. Sell it on ebay and put the money towards a bike that you really like.

There are some great ladies bikes about and they don't have to break the bank.

My current favourites for style and value are CRUISERS. They are big in the States but have not had the recognition they deserve with us Brits..check out this green Schwinn Cruiser for only £159...bargain!

I also love Dutch Bikes, Pashleys, Bromptons, they all look great and come in all sorts of lovely colours...more details coming soon!

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