Thursday 14 February 2008

Top 3 stylish cycling helmets

If an unsightly cycling helmet is cramping your style, do not fear there are some alternatives

1. The Bern Muse (main picture above) is my current favourite. These are beautifully designed and a very different shape from traditional cycling or skate helmets with a rather stylish peak at the front. They are multi-purpose helmets so can be used for snowboarding or any other extreme sports you care to indulge in. Great colours and affordable price at £39.99. Email me at for info on where to buy. Check out the Bern Website for full range.

2. The Cycle fashion range (pictured above right) is the brainchild of London based designer Sawako Furuno. They come in carefully chosen feminine colours and have hand painted designs cleverly positioned on the back and on the left hand side so drivers and pedestrians can admire you as you go. I caught up with Sawako and tried on the beige helmet with Hanabi print and was very reluctant to hand it back. The really do look good on. Price £60. Check out the for more products details. Cycle fashion website

3. Bell Faction is more of a boyish/skatey style but they come in a nice range of colours and you can buy online at Chain reaction for £17.99…Bargain!

If you know of any more stylish helmets out there, please do let me know. I think there is still room for improvement….


Velorution said...

Wouldn't want to wear the Bern in the summer - no air!

MerJa Media said...

How about this one?

Caz said...

Love the Beret..thanks!

The Muse may be more of a winter helmet to keep your bonce warm on frosty cold days. The material is breathable however so you shouldn't get too hot and sweaty. The brighton is more summer freindly with ventilation holes

B Hive Designs said...

Do you have any pictures of anyone wearing the EPS version of the Bern Muse and one of the Sawako Furuno Helmets. I am really interested in buying one, but it would help to see how they actually fit on a female. It seems like the pictures that you have on your site of the Bern helmet are actually the hard hat, which is a bit smaller than the EPS helmet. Also, I am worried that the Sawako Furuno helmets fit like a Bell Helmet, which makes my head look like a bowling ball. Sincere Thanks!

Tedly3000 said...

Hey check this out!

Skaelia said...

Have you heard anything about the new line of Sawako Furuno helmets? Her website has said "coming in September" for quite some time but nothing has been updated in months. I was just wondering because I would really like to purchase one, however, the design that I was after is sold out everywhere.


Bandbox Cheryl said...

Check out Bandbox for a chic and sylish bicycle helmet that meets CPSC standards for normal operating conditions. The helmet is concealed beneath stylish fedoras, trilbys and cloches.