Wednesday 19 November 2008

Baby Blue Laptop Pannier Bag

Product information
Price £40
Dimensions: 44cm long, 34 wide
Colour: Baby blue
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Cyclechic's verdict

If, like me, you have struggled to attach your laptop securely to your bike and worried at every bump you go over on your cycle home, the baby blue laptop bag/pannier is for you. The bag fixes securely to the backrack with 3 hooks. When your off the bike the bag fits comfortably over your shoulder and the hooks are disguised by a pale blue cuff. The interior has various sections for paper docs and of course your precious laptop and a handy zip up pocket at the front for your lipstick or lock keys.

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1 comment:

Charlotte said...

I've heard that the only way to safely carry a laptop on your bike is in a backpack. Definitely NOT cycle chic, but the little bits inside wiggle free with the jostling they were not designed to take. In an informal survey on an online cycling group I enjoy, everyone who'd carried a laptop on their bike for any time has subsequently lost it and carries the new one on their back.

Caveat emptor.