Tuesday 18 August 2009

Let's hear it for Cycle Fridays

Studies have shown a lack of confidence on the roads is one of the main barriers stopping women from cycling. So let's hear it for the lovely people at Transport for London and the London Cycling Campaign who have come up with Cycle Fridays.
Experienced cycling marshals will shepherd cyclists into town every Friday morning between now and October. There are six routes to choose from, all heading into central London, and the idea is to encourage more people to cycle to work.
Meeting points include Brixton, Finsbury Park, Mile End, Ravenscourt Park, Swiss Cottage and Greenwich. Each ride will depart at 8am and take around an hour.
Cycling to work isn't just fun and quicker than public transport - it's great for your figure, your pocket and the environment.
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London Cycling Campaign said...

CORRECTION TfL didn't create the Cycle Friday rides, it was the London Cycling Campaign. They created them during the tube strike (called BikeTubes) and are now running them for TfL under the name Cycle Fridays. Credit where it's due, eh?

Cathy said...

Duly noted and amended, thanks for the tip!

{ CopyStrands } said...

I cycle with my beach cruiser around town in the Seattle area, I love it. I carry my library books in the basket in front and get looks from drivers, but I don't care :)