Friday 25 September 2009

Time to light up!

OK, so these fabulous LED wheels from US manufacturer MonkeyLectric might be pushing it a touch, but it is definitely time to get a set of lights on your bike, if you haven't already.
As the nights draw in even if you do not plan to cycle in the dark, you never know when you may be running late or caught out, so it is common sense - not to mention the law - to fit your bike with front and rear lights. The good news is there is a fabulous range of lights right here at which are not only practical, but very, very pretty too!
For basics, we love these Knog Frog lights, which are available in a range of fabulous colours and will light your bike up like a Christmas tree.

The Beetle is the upgrade to the Frog light, and features two LED bulbs and four functions including slow and fast flashing - and like the Frog they come in a series of colours to suit your bike, your outfit or even just your mood.
New for this season is the Skink which features four LED bulbs for the rear of your bike, and clips on and off easily.

We also like the Frog's cousins, the Gekko, which feature three LED bulbs and 600m visibility and have seven - count them - functions, turning your bike into a veritable mobile disco-ball.
If you are planning on doing serious night-time riding you may also want to invest in a halogen front beam. Although not essential, these babies can help light your way in dark, non-streetlit areas and generally improve the chances of you seeing where you are going, and other road users seeing you.
This Cateye number, available at Evans, is so powerful you'll swear it's daylight.


cyclemaniac: said...

There's is no harm in 'over-lighting one's bike! When cycling at night/in dim daylight, light up to the extent that it would appear that one would like even the blind could see one's bike ;P :D heehee!. What's wrong with that ... Nothing right!? ;-)
I'm using several models of 'Cat-Eye, lamps. I just love their degree of brightness.
Thanks for all the pictures and 'info'.

Cathy said...

I agree, I'm a big fan of lighting your bike up like a Christmas tree. The more the merrier!

Weenie said...

Fibre flares are apparently very good and I'd love a set of these:
What I'd love though is that jacket that won a design award a couple of years ago. It has orange lights in the sleeves and the act of signalling with your arm sets them off so you have inbuilt 'indicators'!